New Kia Vehicles & Model Changes For 2023

Kia models 2023

Let’s have a quick look at the future 2023 Kia model line-up in USA.

Our goal here at theKEEA blog is to keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the world of Kia.

There is always something going on, as Kia are constantly updating and redesigning their lineup, as well as introducing new models around the world.

The 2023 model year looks to be particularly busy, with a few new Kia models coming your way over the course of the next few months.

With that in mind, we thought that now would be the perfect time to break down what the 2023 Kia model lineup looks like, so let’s get right to it.

Before we get to it, please keep in mind that some of the information provided comes from rumors and speculation, so some changes might not make it to market.

2023 Kia Soul facelift

The Kia Soul crossover has been a huge sales success for Kia and the cool model is about to get a facelift for the 2023 model year.

We don’t have the full details yet, but the first official images from Kia give us some insight into what to expect. The interior has some new upgrades, but nothing in the way of tweaks to the style of the inside. The biggest change to the exterior can be found on the front fascia.

2023 Kia Niro redesign

The 2023 model year will see the Niro get a full redesign. This is an expected change, as the Kia Niro has now been on the market for 5 years. New technology will be included, plus we will have 3 different drivetrains, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric versions.

Kia EV6 2023

The Kia EV6 landed in the US for the first time last year, so we don’t expect to see changes of any kind for the 2023 model year. There is still some news to report here, though, as Kia is planning to introduce a new EV6 trim level. The model in question will be the GT, which will deliver over 580 horsepower and go from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.5 seconds!

Kia Telluride facelift

The Telluride SUV is another model that has done really well in the US. It has been available for a few years now and is ready for a minor facelift. The exterior of the 3-row SUV will be tweaked, while some interiors upgrades and 2 new trim levels will be added. We will share more details on the 2023 Kia Telluride changes as we get them.

Kia EV9 2023

Kia USA has plans to expand their all-electric lineup by delivering the EV9 large SUV. This model will sit at the top of the range and will come with 3 rows of seats. The all-electric Kia SUV will also come with fast charging capabilities and the ability to travel 300+ miles on a full charge. You can find some early spy shots of the 2023 Kia EV9 on our blog.

2023 Kia Sportage

The 2023 model year will see the Kia Sportage get a full redesign. As well as having 2 new drivetrains, including hybrid and plug-in models, the compact crossover will see a whole slew of improvements.

Kia Sorento

There are no mechanical upgrades or styling changes expected for the 2023 Kia Sorento. That’s not so surprising when you realize that this model has only been on the market for less than 2 years. What we might see, though, are some new exterior color options and trim level changes.

2023 Kia Stinger

There is talk that the 2023 Stinger may be the final year for this model. Reports suggest that the Stinger may removed from the lineup to make way for an all-electric sports sedan.

That said, we don’t expect that type of change until next year or maybe even 2024. For now, if you are in the market for a sporty 4-door sedan that looks great and performs really well, the Stinger is the way to go.

2023 Kia K5

There are zero changes to talk about with the 2023 Kia K5 midsize sedan.

2023 Kia Rio

The Kia Rio will be back in the US once again for the 2023 model year, but don’t expect to see any major changes to this model. What you can expect is for the Rio to continue to be offered in both 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback variants.

2023 Kia Forte

It has been several years since the Forte was first released in the US and it continues to be a very good seller for Kia. Part of that success can be attributed to the facelift it received last year to help keep the model fresh. While there are no styling updates expected, we may see some tweaks with the 2023 Kia Forte trim levels.

2023 Kia Carnival minivan

The Kia Carnival arrived in the US last year, so given that it is still new, there are no major changes expected for the 2023 model year. There may be some changes made to the trim levels and perhaps a new exterior color or two, but that would be the only expected changes. This is a minivan that is still considered among the best out there.

2023 Kia Seltos facelift

The Seltos SUV is in the mid-cycle slot, so it will receive a little bit of a makeover for the 2023 model year. We have seen some spy shots of the upcoming model, but details of the changes being made are still not readily available. We should see this one hit the market in the second half of the year and on sale as a 2023 model.

We now have you covered with all the upcoming 2023 model year vehicles from Kia, but as we said at the start, this is something of a speculative list. Please keep checking back in for mire details as we get them.

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