Kia Mojave Pick-Up Truck!

Kia Mohave pick-up truck

Here at we have promised you to bring some fresh news about the new Kia pick-up truck.

And it didn’t take long for us to obtain some additional information and a couple of high quality images of the beautiful Kia Mojave pick-up.

Although only available in the concept form as for now, this Kia truck’s their first-ever model in this segment.

Kia Mohave AWD truck

Lately, Kia has rapidly expanded its product line-up in the USA. They have entered into several new segments, including the midsize SUV, large sedan and minivan categories.

At the Chicago International Auto Show, though, the fastest-growing Korean car company held a world premiere for something entirely different.

They launched a pick-up truck concept named the KCV-4 or Mojave.

Kia’s first ever pick-up truck to hit the U.S. soil (release date not known at this point) is exclusively designed to meet the needs and tastes of North American consumers.

The Mojave pick-up was penned at the Kia research & design Center in NamYang, South Korea, under the direction of Lee Jae-Rim, Designer and Senior Research Engineer.

Mohave pick-up concept specs

At 130 inches, the Mojave’s wheelbase is considerably longer than the Kia Sorento platform on which it is based.

The concept truck features a 3,8L V6 engine generating an estimated 280 horsepower, coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The Mojave uses power-assisted rack and pinion steering that was engineered to be capable of working with a hydraulically-controlled rear steering system that would provide maximum maneuverability while parking (counter-steer), and additional stability during lane changes or in heavy cross winds on the highway (same-phase steer).

The final piece of the handling equation is an aggressive tire and wheel package that includes 20-inch sport tires and machine-finished wheels.

Pictures of Kia pick-up truck concept

Kia pick-up release date

Due to the fact that Kia motors America doesn’t have a suitable manufacturing location to build a truck for North America, there are no production plans at this time!

(NEWS update)

Rumors about a Kia pick-up truck coming to the US-market as early as in 2022 or 2023 surface on to the web. Exciting times ahead!


  1. darlene says:

    Do you know when this mojave kia truck will be coming out?

  2. Triaboschi says:

    I would love to know!!

  3. Greg says:

    So would I!

  4. Ksport(Boris) says:

    er, hasnt this been confirmed by Kia? They arent making one…

  5. Erb says:

    When I looked at the Borrego, the dealership said they were going to release it as a 2011.
    I hope it goes thru, I’d love to have one.

  6. Greg says:

    A lot of people would like to have them, Erb, but Kia won’t listen.

  7. BJD(Boris) says:

    a lot isn’t much for Kia. maybe these huys are in thousands. Kia ight be looking for millions or they are following pick-up sales and deciding. Now, that they have Borrego, it shouldn’t be as expensive as making a new one from the ground, up cuz they can base the pick-up on Borrego.

  8. Charley says:

    In my opinion KIA could keep the Soul and produce the pickup. It would look good down here in Tx

  9. raytan says:

    honestly, this looks like an F150. the interior is not that amusing and the extra cab is too small. but i love the function it does… overall, I’d still love to have one parked in my garage.

    hope to see this in the market soon.

  10. Kid Icarus says:

    This project was officially cancelled by Kia last year due to high gas prices. They have no intent to produce a pickup at the moment….unless you call the Soulster a pickup

  11. GILBERTO says:

    gostaria de saber o U$

  12. SOLOMAN THOMAS says:

    Who is the dealer for Kia Mojave Pic up in Dubai

  13. Randall Capps says:

    i would like to know if this truck is offered anywhere in the world (i really want it ) now

  14. Jason says:

    Randall- No. It was a concept and Kia (and Hyundai) decided not to produce it. Kia does have a truck (it’s a flatnose truck, similar to the Mitsubishi Fuso in the USA) available in some countries (not the USA). If you go to click on “Showroom” (at the top of the page) and then “Commercial Vehicles” you can see the truck variants I am referring to. If you ever see the name Mohave (different spelling, I know) it’s also called the Borrego, a full size SUV. Unfortunately they do not have a truck. You are not the only one that would like it, right now!


  15. Rocco says:

    I will buy a Mojave if they build them, if the price is right, if the gas milage is good.
    As soon as I pay off my Spectra and my Soul

  16. Действительно, жизнь не должна быть идеальной 🙂

  17. This is the perfect truck, Kia should have a truck in my opinion, my wife and I have owned 4 Kia vehicles and I am a truck guy so I can’t wait til Kia brings on the truck!!!!!

  18. Russell Workman says:

    Kia has a us plant lets build the trucks , don’t u know…. “If you build it they will come” , Ohio is waiting for the truck ….. Don’t let us down Kia!

  19. S. Gale says:

    If Kia’s were the only cars manufactured, this would be my car. But thier not, and so far i found that kia’s are crap

  20. Kevin C says:

    I Want it! Beautiful it is and I need one in my driveway. I have a 06 Sportage with 130,000k and it looks like the day it came off the showroom floor. Will not trade for the world but I certainly would add it to the driveway if it were available. I am the same as Russell. My wife is a car lady and I talked her into the SUV which she loves. I’m afraid that if I brought it home……she would want it! Bring it on KIA

  21. Tennie says:

    I’ve owed 2 Kia and the first one was in great condition when I traded for a newer model. Now I am looking into getting my son the Mojave so NO Kia cars are not crap! Kia cars have been the best I have ever owned.

  22. Lewis P. says:

    I own 4 kias I have been waiting for a long time for the truck if they dont come out with it soon i will be forced to go to another brand! hurry up Kia, what are you waiting for?

  23. Juan Reid says:

    Is a pity not to have available such a nice pick up as the Mojave. I think there is a space for a pick up like the Saanyong (I have one) but with a better performance and bigger pick up not increasing the total length of the truck (space cabin is a great solution!!) under the Kia brand. With a generous pick up space, nice suspension (not to rough), fare diesel consumption, good quality, etc. There is nothing in Chilean market like that, only US trucks that are not as good as a Kia or a Hyundai and there are gas injected with big engines 4liters or more lie the Ford F150, Doddge RAM, etc. Does trucks are to big for parking in the street, going to a small mall or supermarket, etc. have a great gas consumption and a very bad lifetime over 60.000miles…

  24. Woody says:

    I love my KIA Forte Koup and have been waiting on the Kia Truck. I will be very disappointed in KIA as a company if they don’t produce one. I will probably go back you Dodge Dakota. I don’t need a big truck. I don’t even need a truck. I just like them. someone should start a petition.

  25. Tim says:

    Anything lately on the Mojave. Dealers here in US don’t know anything. Any chance its sold in Canada and can be brought across the border? Have owned an Amanti and Sorento. Would love to have a KIA pickup in the garage.

  26. Barry Coleman says:

    I like to see KIA bring the Majave Pickup Truck to America. Leave the Sun-Roof out of it. A quality/durable made 4cyl would be nice with steel wheel. One that will handle stop and go traffic in Atlanta, Georgia. Many Auto Parts store in America need more choices other than Toyota and Nissan Overpriced small Truck.

  27. Trudy Smith says:

    Please come out with this pickup! Is it a small size or full size pickup! Do you realize how many of these would be sold in the first six months. I would love to have one and I am 65 yr. old. What would the mpg be? Oh most important, haha, what colors would they come in? I want a white one with lite gray or charcoal gray interior… Hurry I am not getting any younger!

  28. Terri and Billy Oliver says:

    Really like the Mojave KCV4 pick up..we recently bought a Kia Soul and it is fantastic…would like more info on the truck….replaced the wifes car with the soul and would like to replace my Frontier with this if its not toooooo pricey…when will it come into production….Kia is awesome….and the 10year 100,000 warranty and service puts you miles above the others thanks. Terri Oliver P. O. Box 511 Carthage, TN 37030

  29. allen says:

    i would like to get the chance to see one in person i have owned four KIA s and would love to drive the Truck so when are they coming to Ohio

  30. Bill says:

    Would love to see Kia come out with this small pickup truck. Especially with a 4 cylinder engine. Most Americans are forced to buy the large pickups only because that is all there is available to us. Love the style, reminds me of a Chevy El Camino. We want a small truck to go and work for us without having to pay huge fuel bills.

  31. Todd says:

    What is Kia waiting on?! This truck would be a great seller for them. I would buy one ASAP! Given the fact that full sized trucks are extremely expensive, a gas friendly, smaller truck is what I’m looking for and this is it.

  32. Jesse says:

    I want to purchase one of these trucks is there a waiting list yet if so how can i be added & will there be a 4wd option as well ?

  33. Will romaine says:

    Kia could kill the alternative market if they brought a pickup to the US market. The cars are really the best buy going for consumers. An economical affordable pickup with a good warranty is exactly what is needed. The heck with Toyota and the high pricing with the worst service and warranty in the business. Just do it but not with that ugly front end styling and body lines.

  34. Brian Thompson says:

    If kia is in need of a place to build the pickup we have 2 towns in the mid west that need someone to come back and fill empty buildings first is in Marryville MO and another soon to be empty in Shenandoah IA people already to work just no place to work these businesses heaved moved out and the community needs something back.

  35. Cara says:

    Owed kiss since 2002 Rio cinco love everything about them I had 2007 optima it was my I own a forte,would trade for a truck in a heart beat.

  36. JANICE STEWART says:

    I have owned 5 Kia cars over the last 15 years . I currently own a Soul and a Mazda puickup. Would buy the Mojave in a heartbeat as soon as it hit the market. I believe that Kia’s are the best vehicles on the market.

  37. Jason Pepper says:

    They need to make it a 4 door. Otherwise it will end up a flop.

  38. Danny Tolson says:

    I would love to have a Kia truck. Owner of the last 2 Kia’s, one a 2014 and the first was a 2012.

  39. C.L. Macfetrich says:

    I’m also very interested in a Kia truck

  40. E.A. Ribaudo says:

    They are sold in Canada, but because of emissions, you can buy them here in the U>S> or go to Canada and buy one and register it it the U.S.

  41. E.A. Ribaudo says:

    Sorry, because of emissions, you can not buy them in the U.S. or buy one in Canada and register it in the States.

  42. Jermey Yarbrough says:

    I would love to add the Mojave to my driveway next to my soul . I have been in contact with my Kia dealer to let them know that I want to be the first to get one. I stick by Kia 100% when someone ask me about my car . I would like to do the same with the pickup . I use my vehicle every day at work , and I am always getting questions about the Kia’s

  43. FM says:

    I would buy the truck right now!

  44. Roger Kinnis says:

    I have a Sedona now and would love to have Kia pickup

  45. Marie brdek says:

    I need this truck in my life. When does it come out

  46. Diane Watson says:

    There is a perfectly good facility in Shreveport, LA that could handle building this truck. Hyundai is using part of the facility now to install trim. I’d love to see this truck built asap! I need one!

  47. john carter says:

    The U.S. needs the KIA pickup and Shreveport needs someone in the old GM plant.Bring it on !!!

  48. Lori McCreary says:

    We have 3 Kia’s, my husband is in the market for a truck. This would be awesome! Get it done!

  49. Tom Kelbey says:

    I would love to have the small Kia Mohave to match my soul love the way it handles and the mileage this small got to beat these American trucks all to hell I need one I’m in the market for one send them on down

  50. Wendy Tanton says:

    Make it and we will buy. I have owned 3 Kia’s and would love a truck. Love the sun roof.

  51. SiouxCitizen says:

    I’ll second Wendy’s comment. I too currently own or lease 3 Kia’s. Build it and we will come 🙂

  52. Colorado native says:

    I would also buy the KIA truck I’ve owned 4 KIA’s and now have a 2014 turbo optima fully loaded and I love it. I haven’t owned another brand of car since about 2001

  53. Terry Rhodes says:

    When is the pick-up trucks going to be
    ready for the public to purchase?

  54. bob says:

    Florida will sell thousands. Since the Ford ranger stopped being made, it was a perfect small truck for pool guys to maintain swimming pools with.
    Now they are purchasing larger trucks with bad MPG. Now is the time.

  55. Duane says:

    Beautiful looking truck! I’d like to own one, if the price isn’t to bad…

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