How You Can Afford To Drive Your Dream Car


Nearly every car owner has dreams of driving a brand new car, but many do not even consider it a possibility.

This is due to the cost involved in buying a new car or taking out a car loan with staggering monthly repayments, but there is an alternative which many motorists are now realising.

This is car leasing, which is renting the vehicle for an agreed amount of time and making affordable monthly payments.

The vehicle is simply returned at the end of the agreement (typically a few years), which enables you to then lease another brand new car.

K900 High PerformanceConsequently, this is a fantastic way for motorists to experience driving a new car and frequently upgrading to the latest models.

The key advantage to car leasing, however, is that it is the much wiser investment rather than buying outright. If you were to buy a brand new car outright, it would start depreciating in value the moment you drive away from the dealership.

Anybody that is smart with their finances will tell you that an investment that depreciates in value should be avoided, but you can steer clear of the pitfalls of this by leasing.

You do not lose money on the investment at the end of the agreement, plus you do not have the added stress of having to sell the vehicle.

The process of leasing a car is simple too, and usually only a small deposit has to be made.

Car leasing companies, such as John Clark Leasing, carry a wide selection of vehicles available for hire which includes brand new luxury cars.

You will often find that there are a number of leasing offers, ensuring that you can find the best possible deal and affordable monthly payments.

In most cases, the manufacturer warranty will cover the length of the agreement which keeps maintenance costs down.

For those that don’t want to just dream about driving a brand new car; leasing is the solution.

The monthly payments are very low and only a small deposit is made, making it an affordable way to drive a new car. It is also the smart financial move as there are zero depreciation concerns.

You get the luxury of driving new models every few years, which also gives you the advantage of better fuel economy, safety and performance.

With so many benefits, it is clear why so many motorists are now looking to lease instead of buy outright.

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