5 Best Garage Parking Aids For Cars in 2020

Garage parking aid ideas

The tennis ball on a string hanging from the ceiling of the garage is about as basic as it gets for garage parking aids.

If you are looking for something a little more modern and high-tech than a fuzzy tennis ball, then you are in luck.

There are a number of different garage parking aid products on the market, all of which do a great job of making your garage parking a breeze.

1. Garage parking stop

At the bottom end of the price scale, but still an effective tool, is the garage parking stop.

The stop comes with a peel and stick adhesive that you can use to place it at the perfect spot in your garage.

When your Kia rolls up, it hits the stop and prompts you to fully apply the brakes.

A great option here is the 16-inch wide ParkingTarget, which does the job perfectly.

One drawback with this little unit is that it can quickly become a tripping hazard.

You may also find that the adhesive doesn’t last as long as you like, which can easily be fixed with the addition of powerful glue.

2. Parking mat

A step up from the parking stop is the garage parking mat.

The MAXSA Park Right Parking Mat is the perfect solution for those who don’t really trust the parking stop.

The mat gives you some tactile feedback by letting you know that you have gone over the first bump on the mat.

This allows you to come to a complete stop right away, as opposed to being concerned that you will roll right over the end of the stop.

Adhesive can be an issue again, but Gorilla Glue usually takes care of that problem.

3. LED parking signal

The LED parking signal is a great option for those that like a visual clue as to when to stop. They are generally about 4 feet high, with the light activating once the vehicle comes in contact with the stand.

The top of the line in this group is the Homebrite Park N Place. It is a sturdy unit that has a solid base which prevents it from being knocked over.

A little pricier than its competitors, but you get what you pay for.

4. Ultrasonic parking sensor

Next up is the ParkZone PZ-1900 ultrasonic parking sensor. These types of units work on a lighting system similar to the red, yellow, and green parking lights.

This particular sensor lets you know the exact distance, while others usually require you to input a preset distance.

It’s easy to see and understand, but does come with a couple of drawbacks.

It is not as effective if you want to get closer than 12”, and it does not work as well with vehicles other than the one used to set the sensor.

5. Parking aid laser

Finally, we have the parking laser, which is mounted on the ceiling and activated when your Kia car enters the garage.

Once the red dot it emits lands on a predetermined spot, you know it’s time to stop.

The MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser is as good as it gets in this category, and can actually be installed to monitor multiple vehicles.

It is easy to mount and get ready to use, which is always a bonus. The accuracy of the laser lets you place the car exactly where you want. (Photo: stackexchange.com)

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