Borrego Gets Priced, MSRP Starts At $26.995


Long anticipated Borrego mid-size SUV is finally here and you can have it for five bucks under $27.000.

The base LX model, powered by 3.8L V6 engine mated to the five speed automatic transmission, offers a complete safety equipment (including seven airbags), ABS and ESP, along with Downhill Brake Control, Hill Assist Control, 17-inch tires, USB/auxiliary input jack, side mirror turn signal indicator and cruise control with steering-wheel-mounted control buttons. It’s price starts at $26.995.

Standard items that makes you special for opting up to an EX version include 18-inch tires with chrome alloy wheels, dual power heated mirrors, dual-zone automatic climate control, driver’s knee airbag, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob, steering-wheel-mounted audio control buttons, auto-dimming rear-view mirror and metal-film interior trim.


Higher grade features such as push button start, smart key, supervision instrumentation, Bluetooth wireless technology and heated 2nd-row seats, as well as chrome exterior door handles inserts and power adjustable pedals will be available from fall 2008.

As mentioned before, the entry-level Kia Borrego LX pricing starts at $26.995, while the V8 powered model, equipped with  337 hp, 4.6-liter V8 and six-speed automatic gearbox, starts at at $31.745. The top of the line model with all available options creeps Borrego near $40 grand line. It will cost you $39.295.

Do you feel the price tag for new Kia Borrego is too high or just right?


  1. Greg says:

    The price for Borrego has been there for almost a week. It is priced lower than its competition!

  2. Patrick says:

    OMG you americans are so lucky! for $26,995, which is around $27,545 Australian bucks (US 98c = AU $1 as of late) you can get… a base model auto Sportage. and thats without on-road fees such as rego and so on… you cant even get yourself a K2900!!! damn you car companies!!! why? WHY?!?!?!? lol im done… so to answer the question, himi… NO! bring it to australia with that sort of pricing and we’ll see how many i’ll buy lol~

  3. Dean says:

    In Canada it si 36995.00 for the same vehicule ( can 0.99=1.00 us ) There in no logique there !!!!

  4. Martin1491 says:

    Patrick, I’m on the same boat as you. I just don’t understand why car companies jack up the price of all their cars here in Australia. I reackon if they brought the Borrego to Australia it would start at around $38,000 maybe $40,000???

  5. From a business perspective. In Canada the Borrego is $10,000 more even though the dollar is almost on par. Being in the business and having to answer questions like that all the time I can tell you the reasons why. Kia Motors America is a seperate franchise from Kia Canada. The US car market is more than 10 times the size of the Canadian market, and Kia Motors America gets thier cars at a lower price than Kia Canada. Just due to the fact that in Canada we sell about 40,000 Kia’s annually, in the US its over 400,000 annually. Also auto companies do not follow dollar trends as they fluctuate, daily, right now the US is going through some tough financial times but within a year or 2 it will go back to normal. If that was the case prices on cars would also have to fluctuate on a daily basis making it confusing to the customer. In Canada for 2009 Kia prices are the same as 2008, they have not increased or decreased. Although we have added a base Sedona to make it appear that the Sedona has dropped in price.

  6. Dean says:

    Other manufacturer do not think the same way, we now have in Canada popular car like 2009 Toyota new model Corolla reknown for it’s quality and durability at a cheaper price than a almost uknown 2008 old model Kia Spectra!! If a manufacturer like kia wants to take more market as they claim it, they will have to adjust themselves at least on the competition if they do not want to do it over the U.S.Dollar!

  7. NAIF says:

    IN SUDIA ARABIA FROM 27.000$ TO 33.000$

  8. SIMONE says:

    Wonderful price.
    It means that In Europe this car would cost aprox 20.000 Euro Tax excludeds.
    The Sportage 2WD starting price is over 21.000 Euros…

  9. ivo-mk says:

    no in europe 40000 euro!!

  10. colby says:

    I got to drive the V8 2 weeks ago and all I have to say is WOW! I took it on a 15 mile Test Drive and when I punched it, it flew. I am in awe of the Borrego, and it is very roomy for a mid-sized SUV. My only complaint is it sits a little too low, but it does give it better handling than its compeditiors. Also, it does complete donuts if you turn the wheel all the way to the left or right. Not to many SUV’s can boast that turning radius.

  11. colby says:

    also, you cannot get the DVD player and Nav together…big problem they need to fix ASAP

  12. Greg says:

    According to Williams, They will install a DVD player for 1.500. They will include it in the vehicle price. Williams also installs accessories, like sometimes the’ll install The visors and a hood protector as soon as it comes off the truck. Big Kia of Phoenix installs Oprius grilles on all of their amantis If you want to see them, drop me a line.. Mud Guards and foor mats are standard at williams.

  13. Greg says:


  14. Bryan says:

    Kia did a great job on that Borrego front end, absolutely a gorgeous looking midsize SUV! Looks like a large SUV but I’ve noticed it being called a “midsize” SUV.

  15. Aaron says:

    I owen a 2009 kia borrego now has 112,000 miles and runs great. never a days problem bust suv i have ever owned and plan on keeping it till the wheels fall off. I wiah they bring the suv back someday soon.

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