Could a Company Van Be Better for Your Business than a Company Car?


Company cars have become a mark of success. They are a symbol of accomplishment and prestige, and we all aspire to have a fleet of our own.

We dream of seeing them lined up in the office car park, row upon row, the name of our business gleaming on their polished sides.

Yet as sleek, refined, and high-end as they appear, there is an argument that company vans would be the better option for many businesses.

Spacious, practical, and reliable, they have a myriad of uses – far more than ordinary vehicles capable only of transporting us from A to B.

If your next investment is playing on your mind, then here are some points to consider…

Kia company van

Company vans are practical

Vans tend to be the motoring world’s jack-of-all-trades.

Spacious and durable, they’re as well suited to transporting goods in bulk from a local supplier’s as they are to charging down the motorway and traversing the country.

Despite their size, they tend to be easy to handle, and not so big that they are restricted in terms of where they can travel.

If you need a vehicle capable of carrying your tools and transporting heavy machinery one day, and then nipping into town the next, they’re an ideal option.

Company Vans are a Great Advertisement for Your Business

A strong social media strategy and consummate customer service are all fantastic ways of getting ahead of the game, but some good old-fashioned advertising also goes a long way.

One of the key purposes of investing in company cars is to encourage people to become familiar with your brand, and vans provide the same potential – only on a much larger scale.

Properly outfitted and designed, they essentially act as a moving billboard, ensuring that your business becomes known wherever you travel.

Company Vans are a Cost-Effective Investment

On top of everything else, choosing to invest in a van makes good financial sense, largely because it’s capable of performing such a myriad of tasks.

From a practical perspective, it can do everything from deliver your goods to clients or customers to transport your new machinery, relocate your equipment and furnishings from one office to another, and collect purchases.

The monetary boon? You don’t have to pay anyone else to carry out these tasks on your behalf, helping to line your pockets and simplify your undertakings.

Could the right van be the perfect company car alternative for your business?

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