4 Cool Kia Hamster Costumes & Masks For Halloween


Best hamster masks and costumes for 2020.

Have fun on a Halloween by hopping into one of the cool-looking Kia hamster costumes and masks!

The 2020 Halloween is just around the corner, so make sure you get yourself a cool-looking Halloween costume and have some real fun with your family or friends during that night.

When making a decision over the costume or mask you want to wear this year, remember the highly-popular Kia Soul hamsters.

The incredibly popular Kia hamsters have appeared in several commercial ads promoting the new Soul crossover vehicle and were a major attraction of various music events in the USA this year.

You too can get to feel some Kia hamster craze by hopping into a hamster costume during this year’s Halloween night.

There are several costumes and masks you can choose from! Let’s take a look at the best ones:

1. Hamster head mask for adults or kids



This is a headpiece hamster mask.

According to Amazon.com’s description, it is more appropriate for adults than kids.

It can be worn by children, although, the fit won’t be snug.

It comes in one size only!

The mask has a face opening, but covers back of your had, so you can also use it instead of a watch cap in cold weather.

2. Full body hamster costume

This costume is a great choice to keep the party rocking this Halloween.

It’s been one of the best-selling costumes at Amazon.com, inspite of a slightly higher price.

It costs more than $100, but you can save as much as 40% if you buy today!!!

3. Kia hamster head and paws

This cool-looking costume includes head and paws, but does not include sweatshirt, necklace, pants and shoes (as seen at the image here).

You can find some old hip-hop clothes in your closet or buy some new ones for a small amount of money.

This unit costs $45, however, if you buy today, you can save an amazing 41%!!

4. Adult latex hamster mask



Another great-looking Halloween hamster mask is this piece made of latex.

According to customers who have purchased the mask, this is a high-quality product that looks exactly the same as seen here.

This adult hamster mask has a 5-star customer review and can be yours for less than $30.

Check it out (more pictures) by following the link above.

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    Where in Canada can I buy a Kia Hamster costume

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