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The Kia brand is very much on the rise, and the Koreans are now looking ahead to the next chapter in their success story.

The last few years have been devoted to redesigns and the release of new models followed by short periods of inactivity.

Kia has now built their line-up to the point where they want it to be, which means it’s time to start thinking about new models.

The likelihood is that Kia will start delivering 2 new models per year.

With these new releases in 2019, Kia will be looking to continue 2019 Kia carsdelivering a better quality of ride and handling, whilst also focusing on creating better powertrains and updated technology.

Brand perception is also on their mind, and the release of the new K900 flagship sedan should certainly help in that department.

Let’s take a closer look at what Kia Motors have in store for us in 2019.

New Kia models

K900: The K900 has now been on the market for 5 years, and the flagship sedan is ready for its next big makeover. The new look will include changes to both the exterior and cabin of the vehicle. New powertrain technology, including the AWD system, is just one of the changes we will see.

Soul crossover: The Soul crossover is perhaps Kia’s biggest success story, and the iconic boxy model will get a full makeover for the 2019 model year. The US premiere of this model is expected sometime next year. The boxy look of the car is here to stay!

Forte: There’s also a new Forte 4-door in the works, with the all-new model expected to hit the U.S. market next year. The new model will have a full redesign inside and out, and will also feature improved powertrain technology. No word yet on what to expect from the 2019 Forte 5-door hatchback.

Ceed: This model is one that is only available in Europe. The latest model should get its premiere at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and the belief here is that the Cee’d family will include a 5-door hatchback, a wagon, and a crossover version in the 2019 model year. Rumor has it that the 3-door model is being discontinued, but no official word yet.

Niro EV: The Niro EV, an all-electric model, will hit showrooms next year, and will come with a 200-hp electric motor and a range in excess of 200 miles.

Kia facelifts for 2019 model year

Sedona: The popular minivan will be getting a mid-cycle facelift later next year or early in 2019.

Sorento: The midsize SUV, which is made in the US, is due for a bit of a facelift. A recently captured spy pic shows that the new Sorento will feature some changes to the exterior styling, as well as improved safety and technology features.

Sportage: Put this one in the “Kia news and rumors” folder, but we believe that the incredibly popular compact SUV will be up for a refresh in the 2019 model year.

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