Tips For Getting A Replacement Car Key Made Without Breaking The Bank


Replacement keys can be expensive and can affect the value of your car.

If you are trying to find a way to get a replacement key for your car without costing a fortune, continue reading.

This article from UK locksmiths Coronation Locksmiths in Kent, is packed with information on how to attain a replacement key at an affordable price.

File a Car Insurance Claim

If the key to your car is lost or stolen, you might be able to file a claim with your automobile insurance company.

Companies such as Nationwide and Co-Op Bank provide insurance coverage for a lost or stolen key. Nationwide Insurance offers unlimited coverage while Co-op has a coverage limit of £750.

Other insurers such as Sainsbury’s Finance and M&S Money offer coverage for lost or stolen keys if you have their ‘Premier’ coverage. These companies will cover the cost of replacement keys or locks up to £1,000.

Key Coverage Policies

Insurance companies like Boomerang-Tag or Keycare offer stand-alone policies for replacement keys. These policies are add-on coverages that can be added onto your existing car insurance policy.

Some of these policies include more than key replacements.

For example, AA’s Warranty Key Protection Insurance provides car hire coverage in the event you are stranded and cannot drive your car because your key has been lost or stolen.

Always read the fine print of your insurance policy to determine the coverage offered. Certain policies state that your keys must be stolen or lost for a particular amount of time before coverage will begin.

Breakdown Services Can Help

Breakdown services, such as Green Flag, provides a plethora of services, including help if you accidentally lock your keys inside your car. Both Green Flag and RAC can provide this service at no extra cost.

However, these services cannot get you back on the road if you have lost your key or had your key stolen and do not have a spare key.

Policies can differ from company to company and insurer to insurer. This is why it is essential that you know what your insurance company covers.

For example, Green Flag’s Total Protection coverage will cover the cost of recovering a spare key from your home and getting the key to you.

Buying a Replacement Key

This option is the most expensive. Ordering a replacement from a car dealer can cost more than £200.

When the replacement key is ordered, it must be coded and programmed so it can activate the car’s alarm system and remotely lock and unlock your doors.

A replacement key for a Kia Rio from the dealer will cost between £120 and £170.

Contact different dealers in the area to price check as labor costs can vary from location to location.

Purchasing a replacement key is not always an immediate solution. Sometimes the dealer must order the replacement and have it shipped, which can take between five and ten days.

Get a Key Cutter to Make You a Spare

If you have a key, you may want to have a spare key made in the case of an emergency. Key cutters, such as Timpson, can make a duplicate key from an existing key.

Another option is a mobile locksmith company. These companies can provide you with a replacement key.

These mobile locksmiths are often less expensive than a dealership; however, prices can vary from locksmith to locksmith so always shop around.

In order to get a replacement key, you will need to prove that you are the vehicle’s owner by showing your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Once you have provided this information the locksmith or car dealer can get you the replacement key you need to get back on the road.

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  1. John says:

    My mother-in-law is always losing the keys to her car. I didn’t know a locksmith company would be able to provide replacement keys! I have been telling her for quite some time now that she needs to have more than one spare key because she oftentimes loses the spare too! I’ll be sure to pass on the advice that she can go to a trusted locksmith for a car key replacement.

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