Kia Car Insurance Rates & Free Quotes In 2022

Kia insurance rates

Kia produces some of the most reliable and safe cars on the market.

Car insurance providers often quote Kia vehicles around the national average of $1,674 for a year of full auto coverage.

But depending on the model, you may even be able to find car insurance rates for a Kia to be lower than average.

Let’s look at some of the most popular Kia models and the car insurance rates that can accompany them.

What are the most popular Kia models and their insurance rates?

The following Kia models are the most popular and therefore the most insured:

  • Kia Sedona – This year, Kia’s Sedona minivan will be rebranded as the Carnival, but drivers will still be able to enjoy the family-sized vehicle with sedan-level insurance rates.
  • Kia Forte – A reliable and popular sedan that costs less than $18,000. The Forte’s high safety rating plays a part in its affordable insurance rates.
  • Kia Telluride – Another popular Kia make for families is their Telluride. Despite high safety ratings and features, the Telluride is more expensive to insure than other Kia models. But the sticker price is at a modest $32,790.
  • Kia Sportage – Smaller than the Telluride, but still an SUV, the Sportage goes for a lower retail price than the Telluride.

How much are car insurance rates for a Kia?

With the following Kia models in mind, let’s take a look at how much their insurance rates typically go for. Keep in mind that insurance rates also depend on the driver and the insurance provider. So, for these insurance rates, assume that the driver is over 25 years old with a good record and a tangible driving history:

  • Kia Sedona – Basic car insurance rates for Sedona is around $511 annually while full coverage costs around $1,737 annually.
  • Kia Forte – Basic car insurance rates for a Forte is around $544 annually while full coverage costs around $1,682 annually.
  • Kia Telluride – Basic car insurance rates for a Telluride is around $511 annually while full coverage costs around $1,737 annually.
  • Kia Sportage – Basic car insurance rates for a Sportage is around $506 annually while full coverage costs around $1,519 annually.

What about a Kia will affect car insurance rates?

The reason why Kia cars have such affordable insurance is because of their safety ratings and features.

A 2021 study found that Kia ranked third on the mass-market in terms of dependability. With both long lasting and safer cars, your insurance rates can be affordable for years to come. Here are some specific automotive features from Kia that can positively affect your car insurance rates:

  • Lane departure alert system – This is a new standard feature in several Kia models. It notifies the driver when they no longer detect motion in blindspots and it is safe to merge lanes.
  • Collision warning system – Kias now come with forward facing cameras that can detect oncoming vehicles to prevent collisions. The car is able to brake and stop automatically if the driver is unable to.
  • Airbag system – A Kia always comes fully fitted with airbags -from the seats in the front to the seats in the back. They are often why Kia is always ranked so highly for family SUVs.

What insurance providers have the lowest rates for Kia cars?

Finding car insurance is a task in itself.

In every state except New Hampshire, drivers are required to carry at least a certain amount of basic car insurance.

The amount of coverage mandatory differs from each state, but the way car insurance works is constant. Every driver looks for car insurance the same way -for affordable rates and reliable claims service. As previously mentioned, insurance companies price their policies differently.

For example, State Farm can insure a Forte for $1,417 annually while Geico can do it for $1,346 annually. The good news is that you will have no trouble finding an insurance provider willing to insure a Kia.

Being some of the safest cars on the market, insurance providers see Kia as a low-risk automaker that promotes safe driving. Of course, you can also look into local providers rather than the bigger national ones for even better rates.

What is other car insurance that is good for a Kia?

In addition to full coverage for a Kia being affordable, you can get your money’s worth by adding additional coverage to your auto policy. Drivers that lease or have their Kia on a finance plan often opt for gap coverage should they total their car before their payments are complete. Accident forgiveness is another great auto coverage that offers one-time forgiveness, preventing insurance rates to rise.

The best part of being a Kia owner, is that you have your pick of budgeted insurance. So, it’s best to take advantage of it.

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