How To Make Your Kia Faster


Make your Kia car go faster by following the 5 steps below.

Speaking in general, Kia vehicles made for a comfortable ride. Apart from the Stinger sports sedan, there are no other Kia models that would scream “racing”.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t tweak those other models a little bit and make them quicker and more fun to drive.

Published below are some of the tips on how to make your Kia quicker and we have even posted some cool photos that reveal how some of the owners have tweaked their rides to make their Kias quicker and even more eyecatching.

1. Increase exhaust flow

You can increase the exhause flow by removing the mufflers, emissions (track only), and installing larger pipes that allow more free flow.

You can also increase flow by adding larger headers and port matching the head to the header.

You should also try to debur rough spots and port match any and all connection points. Reoving the restriction from heads, intake manifold, body, throttle, and intake piping will also help increase air intake flow.

The addition of a K&N filter element is a simple way of generating increased stock airbox flow rates.

If you are looking for more power, though, you will want to help the air flow move easier by making sure you have smooth inner pipe walls, similar to your exhaust.

The throttle body and all pipe connection points should be given a port and polish. Another way to add extra flow is to port match the intake manifold.

2. Get rid of some weight

Get rid of some weight. You can lose a lot of excess weight in your Kia vehicle by taking out the air conditioning, any extra seats, plastic, carpet, and basically anything else you consider surplus to requirements.

If you want a race car feel as far as weight goes, the AC is the first thing to removes, as it can be as heavy as 300 lbs.

3. Tune the engine ECU

The next step is to tune your ECU by making changes to the OEM computer, which usually means changing it to aftermarket or overwriting the existing data.

It is possible to manipulate some OEM ECU’s, but it’s never as effective as an aftermarket management system.

Making the upgrade to an aftermarket EBU means getting access to such cool features as interchanging maps, diagnostics, basic dyno functions, and other data about everything on your car.

4. Car suspension set up

You can improve the suspension compnents of your stock Kia model in order to get better handling and chassis rigidity. Choose a suspension that boxes the chassis for best results.

A good example are high quality sway bars, which connect the bottom and tower braces connect the top of front suspension.This helps deliver increased handling and suspension, making it well worth the price you pay.

5. Improve your driving skills

The final item on the list is the modification of the driver. A skilled driver will post better times in a slower car than an ineperienced driver with a ton of power under the hood.

Learning the ins and outs of driving is only something that can be learned with experience. If you want to become a skilled sports car driver, think about attending a stunt driving class where you can learn the intricacies of that type of driving.

Final thoughts on how to make your Kia go faster

It takes a combination of time, effort, skill and determination to build a fast car using the methods mentioned above. Don’t make any of those modifications, though, until you know more about the specifics of the car, especially the warranty.

For further details on Kia tuning, go online and check out various Kia car forums to find that information.

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