Jessica Carrie Lee Meets The Soul

Jessica Carrie Lee & Kia Soul

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Automakers are becoming more and more adept at getting the word out via social media, which includes asking influencers to be part of their online campaigns.

At their recent Soul US-market media event, Kia asked popular vlogger and social media influencer Jessica Carrie Lee to attend.

With more than 100,000 followers to her name, Jessica certainly has the power to move the needle when talking about the Kia Soul.

During her visit to the event, Jessica and her friends got to spend some time behind the wheel of the brand-new 3rd generation Kia Soul crossover.

If you want to see how the event and the road trip went down, you can do some by watching her YouTube video here.

Jessica had plenty of positive things to say about the Kia Soul, starting with her love for all the different color combos on offer.

All told, there are 17 different combinations, including some two-tone options, which help this vehicle really stand out on the road.

She also spoke about how the Soul had the look of a Range Rover, but not the big price tag that comes with that other model.

The Soul has always been an affordable option, which is just one of the reasons why it appeals to the younger crowd.

There are another couple of elements about the Soul that make it a big hit with the younger generation, and Jessica picked up on both of those.

From the very first marketing campaigns for the Soul over a decade ago, music has been used as a real selling point.

It should come as no real surprise then that Jessica and her other vlogger friends were so blown away by the sound system that comes with the Soul. They also all loved the use of LED lighting in the car.

You can’t help but feel as though there is a party going on with those lights pulsing in time to the music.

It was certainly a thumbs up from Jessica and her friends with their Kia Soul experience, so perhaps you should go out there and have one of your own.

5 things Jessica likes about the new Kia Soul

Jessica & red Kia soul crossover.

1. So many color combos

I’m someone who loves variety and uniqueness when it comes to anything – food, clothes etc. It’s awesome that this Kia Soul has so many different color combinations in duel tones so my car stands out from the rest.

2. How it kind of looks like a Range Rover (but on a budget!)

Obviously everyone in LA wants a Range Rover, but as a student it’s not that feasible and too large for my use. Therefore, the Kia Soul is a better price and size option for me.

3. Affordable

I want my car to be easy to repair, unique, and affordable in the long run – this car is perfect!

4. LED speaker lights

This added feature is just the cherry on top. I love jamming out to songs in the car and this makes it seem like the car is listening along with me!

5. Great sound system

For those fun road trips, a sound system is so important, and I think it’s great that Kia put importance on the quality of sound. Just shows it’s an all around well designed car!

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