Websites Like Kelley Blue Book In Canada (2022)

Kelly Blue Book values in Canada

Canadian website, just like the Kelley Blue Book, provides values of cars, SUVs, RVs & boats.

When you want to know the value of any car, SUV, motorcycle or even a boat, the Kelley Blue Book is always a good place to start.

The downside for those north of the border in Canada is that the numbers they see may not apply. Many of the values listed on the KBBcom’s pages are applicable in the United States only, making finding car values in Canada a little tougher.

The question for Canadian car buyers then becomes how to find out the true value of the car they are looking for, and whether or not they are truly getting the best, fairest car deals possible.

2022 Canadian Black Book lists values of new cars, SUVs

The good news for those in Canada is that there is in fact a catalog available that provides the market values of cars. It is as detailed and comprehensive as the KBB and is known as the Canadian Black Book.

Financial institutions, dealerships, and insurance companies all use the information provided in the book when looking at the real trade value of a car.

The information provided in the catalog includes the average retail price, fair trade-in value, and an estimation of how each model, new and used, might fair in the market in coming years.

Also included is the true market value of every model made available in the Canadian market since 1997. Anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade a car in Canada should make use of the book.

As already mentioned, the Canadian Black Book is not just solely a resource for consumers. Car dealers also use the information in the book to ensure that they sell their cars at the proper value.

They are well aware that today’s buyers are better informed than ever before, which means they are serious about negotiation a price that is equitable for everyone.

Just as consumer use other places to search for car information other than that listed in the Kelley Blue Book, Canadians do the same thing. They look to a number of resources other than their Canadian Black Book when looking for values and other pertinent car information.

Similar websites to Canadian Black Book

  • Canadianblackbook
  • Vmrcanada
  • Canadian Red Book (covering Toronto area)
  • Sanford Evan’s Gold Book

One of the most common places they search outside of the pages of the is at a website called

That site makes comparison a whole lot easier and helps consumers narrow down their searches. The website also employs a car value depreciation calculator that takes into account such things as the amount of kilometers on the odometer.

The Canadian Black Book lists all the information and values for the entire country, but consumers in the Toronto area might want to get a little more specific.

In order to do that, they turn to the Red Book, which delivers values on all makes and models based on the averages in the Toronto area.

Another option that can be used by Canadians all over the country is Sanford Evan’s Gold Book. It is another valuable resource in finding the true value of a car in Canada, but the downside is that it only comes out once per year.

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