Kia Partners With Amazon to Sell & Install EV Chargers For Homes

Kia electric car charger ar Amazon.

Speed up charging of your Kia EV by upgrading your home charger to 240V.

Kia Motors America and Amazon have announced a partnership to sell and install home electric car charging stations.

The online marketplace giant have made online shopping quick and easy with their one-stop shopping experience.

By partnering with Amazon, Kia are looking to bring that same level of service to owners of plug-in vehicles.

Home chargers for Kia EV and PHEV models

If you own a Kia Soul EV, Niro EV, Niro PHEV or Optima PHEV, the first thing you should do is pay a visit to ChargeMyKia Amazon page to learn all you need to know about buying, installing and using your EV charger at home.

The page includes recommendations from Kia concerning which Level 2 or 240-volt charging unit works best for you. There are also tips on installation, as well as reviews from other Amazon customers.

Charging times of Kia 240V chargers.

Perhaps best of all, the website is home to upfront pricing for services, as well as a list of licensed electricians who can help you with installation, if needed.

All services offered in the Kia-Amazon partnership are backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee. Between that and the amazing warranty offered by Kia, you can rest assured that you are in very good hands.

Keep it simple: 3 steps

The buying process is quite straightforward. Listed below are the 3 steps you need to follow.

1. Select the 240V charger you want.

It is worth noting that all Kia electric vehicles come equipped with a 120V charger. Upgrading to the 240V option means seeing a marked improvement in charging times.

2. Schedule an appointment.

Amazon offers a great selection of top-rated electricians in your area to help with installation. Each of these electricians are licensed and have gone through a background check, which is all part of the Amazon Happiness Guarantee.

3. Start charging your electric Kia car

Just like that, you are done. You will now have access to greater power and charging times, making it easier to keep your Kia EV fully charged at the start of each day

Amazon & electric vehicles?

Those of you who pay attention to the automobile media will not be surprised by this news, as Amazon have already stated how serious they are about getting into the business of home charging stations for electric cars.

Last year, the company announced a new electric car chargers program with installation as a turn-key solution.

Amazon has been selling electric vehicle charging stations for a long time. They now have over 100 products available.

100+ EV charging stations at Amazon: check their best sellers here.

All of those products can be purchased in the same way you purchase other things on Amazon. The difference here is that the online retailing giants are now partnering directly with biggest automakers while still offering their Happiness Guarantee.


  1. Jamayl Agomo says:

    Remember when I criticized the Kia Ray production car about 8 years ago how small it was?
    I didnt realize the importance of the Ray back then which obviously gives Kia experience of making bigger EVs we see today. If they keep this up, they could be leaders of EVs. I hear Toyota isnt crazy about EVs. But Kia sure is. Keep it up.

  2. Christian Morales says:

    Wow! The charge for electrice is available. My question is, how much kilowatt will be consume if I charge the electric car?

    I have a little worried on my electricity bill.

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