Kia Teases Their Fastest Car Ever; 5.1 Seconds From 0-62 mph


What is the quickes Kia vehicle & how fast is it?

We all know that Kia are planning to launch a new performance sports sedan at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, but exactly what it may be is something we don’t know.

It appears Kia is enjoying this little teasing game, as they have now released a second trailer for the mystery car.

The first glimpse of the performance model showed it being put through its paces at the fames Nurburgring test track, but this video is all about speed.

The trailer shows a Kia vehicle that will be capable of 0-62mph in just 5.1 seconds.

This video also gives us some very brief views of the vehicle, but the cutaways are quick, and the camouflage being worn makes it hard to discern much of anything.

What we can tell is that we are looking at a 4-door fastback sedan very much in the mold of the GT Concept.

As we mentioned in our previous post about this new car, Kia have opened a dedicated website for it, where you can find the two teaser trailers, as well as other bits of information that will be regularly released right up until the official unveiling in Detroit.

What all of this tells us is that Kia seem to be determined to move up the auto industry totem pole, as they move into the premium category with their vehicles.

This is something that they have already started doing with their latest versions of the Optima and Sportage.

The future has been made very clear to the consumer on the launch materials for the new vehicle, where Kia say: “The curve ahead is all about potential. The potential to clip every apex, and consume every straight. To take on each twist and turn with agility, speed, and progressive design.”

That intent was pushed even further forward with the first teaser trailer for this model.

There was little to see other than the control panel of the car and some engine growls, but the fact that it took place at Nurburgring said everything we needed to know.

Kia fastest car teaser video

There is little to tell right now, but Kia has said that December will be filled with news about this model, so we will keep you posted with updates as they happen.

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