Kia Futuron Concept

Kia Futuron

Kia’s latest concept vehicle is the state-of-the-art all-electric SUV!

Kia has debuted its Futuron concept at the 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, where it will be available for the public to view until 10 November.

The Futuron concept presents Kia’s ultra-sleek, futuristic new design for an all-wheel drive electric SUV coupe.

The vehicle, somewhat reminiscent of a UFO, is shaped like a diamond and has LIDAR sensors built into its glasshouse exterior to allow “level 4” autonomous driving.

The Futuron electric SUV also has a spacious, high-tech interior with flexible seating, a dramatically sporty profile, and standout new features including an illuminated grille and 360-degree core.

Kia Futuron –AWD is a roomy SUV

Immediately you will notice the low, sporty profile of the Futuron, which is 4,850mm long, 1,550mm tall and has a 3,000 mm-long wheelbase.

This is made possible by the high-capacity battery mounted low in the vehicle’s body beneath the cabin floor, where it powers the four in-wheel electric motors.

The SUV’s electric motors – which Kia hasn’t provided any power, torque, performance or range figures for – are matched with a cutting edge e-AWD system that is extremely responsive to driver inputs. Despite its low profile, however, the Futuron rides on a tall suspension set-up.

Matrix LED lighting & illuminated Kia logo

Kia Futuron officially unveiled

Looking at the front of the car, you will notice the updated version of Kia’s signature “tiger nose” grille, which is now wide enough to meet the headlights and features Kia’s new lighting concept, the “Star Cloud light signature”.

The Star Cloud is designed to resemble nebulae in the night sky to create a geometric patchwork of matrix LED lighting but is also said to emulate the scales of dragons from Chinese mythology.

The Star Cloud is also featured on the back of the car, displaying an eye-catching light signature to anyone behind the Futuron.

Futuristic cabin filled with high tech

The interior is no less sporty and modern, featuring a comfortable and spacious cabin with Level 4 driving systems that allow hands-off and eyes-off driving in most conditions.

The seats, which are made out of flexible materials, offer comfort equivalent to first-class airline seats and can be positioned in either upright driving position, or a reclined position for rest, which offers some reprieve for longer journeys. The steering wheel retracts and the seat reclines automatically when the system is put into autonomous driving mode.

The cabin of Kia Futuron is spacious and filled with light, thanks to the panoramic glasshouse roof that extends down to the bonnet to give drivers an unparalleled view of the road ahead.

There’s an interactive ambient lighting system with a dragon scale motif built into the door trim, while the ventilation system also features dragon scale-like elements that open and close to circulate fresh air throughout the cabin.

Possible release date of the Kia Futuron?

Although the Futuron concept is unlikely to make it to the production line anytime soon, we can certainly expect to see design cues trickle down to Kia’s upcoming electric models in the near future.

Kia Futuron pictures

Kia Futuron price
Kia Futuron release date
Kia Futuron electric car

In addition to this set of pictures, Kia also released a video, which reveals the new Futuron EV concept car in more details.

Enjoy watching the video! Feel free to share your thoughts about the latest Kia concept vehicle in the comments, below!

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