Kia K9 Head Up Display – HUD system


New Kia K9 to feature a full-color Head-Up Display along with other luxury bells and whistles!

Kia’s hotly-anticipated K9 luxury sedan will become the first Korean-produced vehicle to be equipped with high-tech head-up display, known also as HUD system.

Scheduled to go on sale in South Korea in May, the new Kia K9 will offer a full-color head up display system, which projects important information onto the windscreen of a vehicle. The data is provided within the drivers’ field of vision, much like the system used by jet pilots.

Kia’s head up display system will supply the driver with the information and data on the vehicle’s current speed, navigational data, danger signals, and rear and side obstacles. In addition, the head up display system in the new Kia K9 will also warn the driver when the vehicle veers off track.

Although similar HUD technology has already been used by several premium carmakers (including Audi, BMW and Lexus), Kia is taking a pioneering role among the South Korean automakers.

Along with the head up display technology, the upcoming 2013 Kia K9 will also offer a plethora of innovative high-tech features. One of those are full-adaptive LED head-lamps. According to Kia, the highly-advanced lightning system automatically shifts the angle and breadth of the headlamps according to the direction and speed of the car, which results in the reduction of blind spots.

Kia K9 head up display image



  1. Greg says:

    Cars are transported to the auto show on a standard car carrier.

  2. Greg says:

    It’s obvious you have never driven across the country by truck. Due to DOT regulations, it takes 4 days minimum, usually 5 or 6 to go from LA to NYC. Heck, it takes 4 days just by car.

  3. Greg says:

    “Who would have known?” I know exactly who knew. Kia designers, engineers, and corporate leaders knew. 😉

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