Kia Unveils 2015 K900 Luxury Sedan – Specs, Photos, Video

Kia K900 quality image

Kia Motors America finally put an end to the buzz of anticipation by unveiling their K900 rear-wheel drive luxury sedan at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The all-new K900 looks as though it is ready to shake things up in the segment, offering a stunning list of standard features, world class accommodations, and an incredible design that is sure to catch the eye of every luxury car lover.

The 2015 Kia K900 comes with the choice of V6 or V8 engine alongside the laundry list of standard features and state of the art technology.

Kia’s flagship sedan, which is positioned above the Cadenza premium sedan, is schedules to hit the marketplace during the first quarter of 2014, with pricing expected to be announced closer to the launch date.

Kia K900 Design, LEDs all around

The first look at the design of the K900 is one that won’t soon be forgotten. The signature front grille is almost vertical in the smoothly contoured front fascia.

A chrome halo encircles the darker chrome elements on the inside, giving a brief little look at the power within.

Drag and efficiency are greatly improved with the addition of airflow-smoothing underbody panels in certain parts of the cabin.

The K900 is a car that will definitely not be missed on the road, with its 119.9-inch wheelbase, 63.8-inch width, and 64.1-inch rear track.

There is a definite muscular tension to the sheet metal which is displayed via cut lines and a swept rake of the greenhouse.

Adaptive LED headlights come standard on the V8 model. A total of 16 LED bulbs are used to deliver a high level of luminosity, and which adjust to follows the curves and bends of the road being driven.

The LED lights frame the headlights in a soft glow. LED positioning lamps and fog lights are located at the very far corners of the nose.

LED lighting can also be found at the rear of the K900. Those are in the form of trapezoid taillights that use LED’s for the brakes and turn signal lights.

Power and heated rearview mirrors are standard and feature a Blind Spot Detection System, as well as LED turn signal indicators all wrapped up in an aerodynamic design that helps reduce wind noise.

A pair of chrome-tipped exhaust ports can be found around back on the sculpted rear bumper.

K900 luxury sedan photos

Kia K900 Wallpaper  2015 Kia K900

420-HP V8 engine

The all-new 2015 K900 comes with the first ever V8 engine found in a Kia sedan, and is a Tau DOHC all-aluminum 32-valve five-liter engine produces 420 horsepower.

With all that power comes a high level of efficiency, courtesy of Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and dual CVVT variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust.

The V8 engine is mated to an 8-speed transmission that delivers an incredibly smooth shifting driving experience.

The driver can choose from three different settings: Eco, Normal, and Sport, all of which also adjust the sensitivity of the electric steering.

The 3.8-liter Lambda V6 produces 311 horsepower, making it the most powerful V6 in the Kia lineup.  A three-step Variable Intake System (VIS) is designed to provide optimum low- and mid-range torque.

Much like the V8 model, the V6 also comes with GDI and CVVT technology for improved efficiency. The V6 also has the distinction of being mated to the same 8-speed transmission found in the V8.

K900 Interior Photo  2015 Kia K900 Inside

Chassis, suspension & tire size

The suspension in the front and rear employs an advanced five-link fully independent system that helps the K900 manage to communicate exactly what is happening at each corner.

Straight line stability and steering position are delivered via coaxial coil-spring shock absorbers and a new friction bearing in the steering column.

At the rear, the suspension sub-frame also houses the differential, and the coil springs and shock absorbers are separate units, allowing for negative camber for improved cornering ability.

The fact that the K900 utilizes a rear-drive layout means that it’s an incredibly spirited car to drive. The vehicle is also strong and rigid thanks to ultra-high tensile steel being used in 75% of the chassis.

The V8 comes standard with 19-inch chrome alloy wheels, whereas the V6 gets 18-inch alloys that employ P245/50R-18 tires.

Sound reducing materials have been added, and a standard laminated side window glass set up helps keep NVH to the absolute bare minimum.

New Kia K900 Video


  1. vince kennie says:

    I like the looks of the new 2015 KIA with it’s 5 litre v8 engine.

  2. Marvin McConoughey says:

    The stylists appear to have taken the best from many makes and from them created a very attractive car that is better than their sources. No one should be surprised that car companies compete and take from each other whatever ideas and technologies will bring car sales ideas and technologies. The new Kia looks like a winner. Certainly, the quirky and sometimes downright strange German offerings can be bettered in many respects.

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