Part 1; Kia Mohave Interior Pictures


There is a reason for Kia employees to extend the celebration into the first few days of 2008.

Only three days after the new year sneaks in, Kia plans to make an official debut of it’s largest and technically most advanced AWD SUV up to date.

Known as Borrego internationally or Mohave on it’s home Korean market, it incorporates the carmaker’s latest engine and NVH technology.

The company has already set up a pre-launch website including several Mohave photos, news and interviews.

You will also find some informations on the goodies such as back-end camera, high end JBL sound system, smart key, stat-stop button and others.

Feel free to visit the Mohave website! [Source:]

23.jpg       51.jpg       61.jpg

10.jpg       121.jpg       14.jpg

Stay tuned for more news about Kia Motors Corp.


  1. Ali says:

    Hi every body ,
    As you know power and torque are different , for suv vehicles torque in most situations is more useful in off roads .
    At the end , torque is the power transfered to the road !

  2. Ali says:

    Hi ,
    I hope you choose the vehicle with more torque instead of high power , if you are an off road driver !
    I offer you a Landrover .

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