Novo Is A Cool-Looking Concept We Hope Kia Would Release


Kia tends to use concept models as hints at future designs, and the Novo concept, unveiled at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show, appears to be another look forward.

The name is derived from the Latin word “novatus,” which serves as the origin of the English “innovation,” which is an apt way to describe this vehicle.

The Novo concept sedan was styled at the Kia design center in Namyang, Korea, and is built on a modified version of their C-segment global platform.

Design: Kia Novo is a beauty on 4 wheels!

Kia NovoThe overhangs at the front of the car are minimal, while around back they are longer.

The sporty profile is highlighted by a fastback roofline and long, slim greenhouse.

While the design is smooth and geometric, the sharp lines around the body give it real character.

The tiger nose grille lets you know that the Novo is a Kia, while deeply embedded laser headlights and wide air intakes give the face a bold look.

The wheel arches are large, delivering a show of strength that is highlighted further by a consistent shoulder line.

Around back, the laser lighting is a carbon copy of the front, while triangular exhausts add a further touch of sportiness to the concept.

This is a car that is designed to be aerodynamic, and it shows in every single line and feature.

Hot-Looking Novo Concept CarThe Novo exterior design can best be described as clean and modern, with strong lines found on the skirts, doors, and aluminum wing vents.

The profile is made even more striking by the use of rear-hinged doors and central pop-out handles.

The alloy wheel design is striking, with the diamond cut design finished in two-tone carbon and silver. That two-tone look carries over to the paint finish, which is silver and green.

Thumbs up for the Novo’s sleek & sporty interior

The cabin space has been designed to be a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life in the modern world.

Sleek Kia Interior DesignThe interior is all about the driver, as there are few distractions to be found. Passengers are well looked after, too, as there is ample space throughout.

The dashboard is wide and well laid out. Touches of aluminum and leather make for a beautiful design.

The instrument panel delivers information via a 3D hologram display, while a ‘blind control’ touchpad beside the steering wheel allows the driver to access numerous controls while keeping eyes firmly on the road ahead.

The touchpad uses a fingerprint sensor to automatically load up the personal preferences of the driver.

The other occupants of the vehicle can see what is going on thanks to a wide touchscreen in the center of the dash.

Kia Concept 2015The 4 individual leather sports seats are finished in a dark brown color that completes the interior ambience.

State of the art powertrain tech

Under the hood, the Kia Novo is fitted with the 1.6-liter Kappa turbo gasoline direct injection engine and the automaker’s new 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

That all adds up to a vehicle that delivers sporty performance whilst going easy on fuel consumption.

The tires fitted on the Novo concept feature an “adaptive concave profile,” which means they have a sunken middle section that helps keep the rubber cool and channel away excess water on the road.

Seoul Motor ShowYou will also experience better road grip, less noise, and a smoother ride with these 20-inch tires.

Kia Novo possible release date

There are no plans to make the Novo a production model, but if Kia’s history with these types of vehicles is anything to go by, this one will serve as a little glimpse in their future design path.


  1. Ainnem Agon says:

    Hey jtz, do your think Novo would be the “production Kia GT”?

  2. himi says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking Ainnem!! The Novo looks somehow related to the GT in terms of styling, but looks more production-ready.

    Though, the grille set up along with the headlights remind me of the next-generation Cadenza sedan.

    Check it out here:

  3. bd says:

    The Novo, apparently, is to show the design direction of the next gen FWD compact sedan for Kia (so – Forte/Cerato), but this design would be a waste for an economy compact (wouldn’t able to come close to the design details and keep costs down).

    This design, however, would be perfect for a Kia RWD compact sedan to slot underneath the GT, but don’t think Kia has plans for one even with Hyundai in the process of developing their own.

  4. Jtz says:

    Yeah, I see Kia GT like exterior with a way better front end too. But it is compact though.I also see some Kee at the rear too.

  5. Robert says:

    Kia needs to start integrating AWD into all their vehicles or at least offer it.
    It’s a “Premium” feature that customers are looking for today.

  6. Bryan says:

    Kia working out the GT body design through the Novo? Partly?

  7. jtz says:

    Either it’s a GT concept update or next generation Forte.

  8. bd says:

    The Novo is a design study for a compact, but I can see Kia using the same basic theme throughout their lineup, incorporating some of the elements of the GT, which is a RWD mid-size offering (but smaller than the Genesis sedan).

    As I had stated, the Novo would be an excellent basis for a compact RWD sport sedan, but don’t think Kia will enter that market despite Hyundai doing so (or at least not in the near future).

    After the production version of the GT (and the next gen K900), if Kia is to expand their luxury lineup, their best bet is to do a luxury crossover (already did a concept of one – GT Cross).

  9. jtz says:

    Kia says there are not plans to bring this into production. I don’t know about that. Kia lies a lot. I think it’s being used to serve 2 purposes. 1: To be used to take design cues off it for future models. 2: A production version in R&D sitting a dark room with people wearing lab coats and sitting around high tech computers all day.

    Kia is up to something. Something big, something nasty, something scary, something ground breaking something I don’t even know but I will find out or my name ain’t jtz. Also don’t you find it strange no spy shots of the Kia GT? They up to something. It probably goes out at 4am when most people are asleep.

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