Kia Plans 50 New Models by 2016


Kia has experienced unprecedented growth in the past few years and it is their goal to continue that surge through 2016 and beyond.

They will attempt to do this by launching 51 new or updated models in the next 5 years, including entering into some new niche markets.

At the top of that list is a brand-new 3-door Pro_cee’d GT Turbo, which is due to arrive next summer.

2014 will see an electric version of the incredibly popular Soul, with a rear wheel drive sports car also on tap for release.

They will also update or make derivatives of current models.

This massive campaign has kicked off last month with the release of the highly-successful Kia Sorento CUV, which includes improved exterior styling, revised interior design and upgraded powertrain technology and suspension.

Europe will also see a number of new vehicles arriving on the scene, starting with the new Pro_cee’d and a 7-seat Carens MPV in the first half of 2013.

Next-generation Kia Soul

The second generation Soul will be out before the end of this year and will make its way to the European market by 2014. The Venga MPV will get its turn once the 2016 Soul has been replaced.

It took Kia a couple of years to replace its entire European range, so it will likely be 2015-2016 before they make any further major changes to those models.

Within the next three years, facelifts will be given to the just recently-released K3/Cerato which bears many of the same parts and features as the European Cee’d, while the K7/Cadenza range will receive a major makeover within the same time frame.

New Kia Sedona MPV

Other new Kia vehicles that are expected to make their appearance in the next 5 years include a GT-concept based rear-wheel-drive sedan, a 7-seat people mover (Sedona replacement), a 2-door coupe, and an all-new small crossover vehicle.

We can also expect to see Kia’s first all-electric car for export markets as well as an all new 2016 Sorento crossover vehicle.

The pace of new Kia cars and SUVs hitting the worldwide showroom-floors will be breathtaking. In order to create such a vast number of highly-advanced vehicles, Kia is increasing its research and development budget to $2.5 billion in 2013.

Most of the money will be devoted to the development of new vehicles and improved technologies.

The 6% of sales revenue that Kia Motors Corporation devotes to Research & Development is among the tops of all the car manufactures in the world!


  1. conwelpic says:

    I was told this in a presentation when I visited Kia Motors headquarters in early September. It showed us “51 new or upgraded models from 2012 – 2016”.

  2. himi says:

    Did they show you any images, conwelpic?

  3. conwelpic says:

    not really, at that time the new Forte/Cerato 4 door had not been announced so it was just a drawing on the presentation with a start of production in November (for export), also the same for the Carens with start of production in December. It also mentioned about the Soul EV, which again we now already know about this. They are also working on fuel cells, which they are hoping to provide for fleet supply in 2015.

  4. Ray Hathaway says:

    50 New Kia Models within three years!? Very aggressive, and impressive. Striving for a new world order. The Quoris looks like my kind of motor car. I wonder what I can get in trade for my ’10 Kia Forte EX? Kia… do you hear me? Let’s make a deal.

  5. himi Kia fan says:

    The samll CUV could be a smaller-than Sportage vehicle. The VW, Ford and Honda are planning similar utes, while Opel and Nissan already have sell such small crossovers.

  6. conwelpic says:

    Ray Hathaway – that’s 51 new or upgraded models in five years

  7. Paul says:

    I wish kia made an affordable sporty car like the old 240Z that gets good gas millage.

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