How Kia Can Maximize Your Uber Earnings

Kia EV6 colors

Make money with Kia and UBER.

It was only a few years ago that you could have gone up to any gearhead and say, “Want to hear a joke?… Kia!”

But times have changed, and Kia is one of the fastest growing automakers in the world who has seen continual growth in global markets, and has even been named Best Global Brand for five years in a row.

Kia is now known for producing some of the most stylish cars in the world that are also fuel efficient, safe, and top quality.

The growth of Kia

Kia Motors began in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry, a company that manufactured steel tubing and bicycle parts, but they soon grew and eventually produced the first Korean made bike in 1951.

In 1952, they changed their name to Kia and took off.

They went on to make motorcycles for Honda, trucks for Mazda in the 60s, and even vehicles for Ford in the 70s and on through the 80s.

1992 saw the incorporation of Kia Motors in North America where they took a chunk of the American car market by expanding into one region at a time.

Kia tiger nose grille

One of the big reasons Kia has gotten so popular is their distinctive style, thanks to the design genius of Peter Schreyer, a former designer for Audi.

Schreyer is responsible for making Kia some of the coolest looking cars on the road, including the distinctive “tiger nose” design of the grille which has become a signature look. It’s a design approach made to have something for everyone.

The Soul and upcoming Niro excite the younger crowd looking to make an impression, and sedans like the Cadenza and K900 have the stylishly classic lines and elegance that people want in a luxury car.

Why people choose Kia

Many people choose to buy a Kia because of their high quality, affordability, and style which is often why they’re an excellent choice for individuals who want to make money with Uber.

Several models would be great to use for working a rideshare gig, but a few stand out.

The Soul is a brand favorite and has become a pop-culture icon for the millennials who want to be practical and cool.

That, combined with high gas mileage, makes this a near perfect choice for something like Uber.

The K900, Kia’s full run at a luxury sedan, would be a perfect fit as part of Uber Black.

And if you want to be more of a shuttle service, or know you’re going to be driving around more than three people fairly often, the Kia Sedona minivan might be the perfect option.

Use Kia to grow your income

Uber claims that the median income of their drivers runs from around 60 thousand dollars to 90 thousand. It depends on where a driver lives, and a few other factors.

That said, it is still a great side or primary income for people with an excellent ride.

Keep in mind that Uber drivers are still responsible for things like insurance, tolls, and the general expenses of owning and operating a car.

This is what makes Kia’s such an attractive option for people doing rideshare gigs.

Not only are they more affordable than cars from other manufacturers, in a class by class comparison, but Kia’s also have some of the lowest 5-Year costs of ownership.


Kia’s quality and reasonable price make them a great value, and this combined with their low cost of ownership is also what makes them popular with services like Hyrecar.

Hyrecar is like a rideshare service, except instead of having a driver take you to destinations, Hyrecar lets users rent cars from their owners.

The people who rent out their vehicles can make money while they sit at home.

With Kia, users get a good, safe, and reliable car that will get them where they need to go in style. What more could they want?

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