Starting A Career As A Mechanic


Are you the type of person that finds cars fascinating?

If so, chances are you would find a career as a mechanic extremely rewarding. Naturally, however, you can’t get a job in this field without the proper training.

Depending on your overall career objectives, there are a number of different paths that you could choose to become a mechanic.

The following section outlines some of the key requirements you should have if you want to improve your chances of getting hired:

Sportage mechanic1.  Deep Interest In Cars

Although it probably goes without saying, if you want to work on cars for a living, you should really love everything about them. One of the most exciting parts of being a mechanic is that it allows you to work on a wide range of vehicles.

This means that you will be exposed to everything from classic cars to modern trucks and SUVs, making it the ideal job if you are a car enthusiast.

2. Training As A Mechanic

If you want to be able to repair vehicles, you need to thoroughly understand how they work.

This is where attending a trade school or completing an apprenticeship as an auto mechanic can help.

Before you start working on other people’s vehicles, you need to have a thorough understanding of how all of the basic parts of a car work, and how to fix them.

3. Knowledge Of Parts

As a mechanic, you will work with a variety of different parts. Understanding what these parts are and how they work is an essential part of the job.

Working in an auto parts store can be a great way to expose yourself to as many different car parts as possible.

Although you won’t be installing the parts yourself, you will still learn what they are and how they work. This can be a great way to enhance the training that you are getting in school.

4. Real-World Experience

Training can only take you so far. You also need to gain real-world experience. One of the best ways to do this is to get a job at a basic service station or oil and lube shop.

Alternatively, you can also try to find a shop that will hire you on as an apprentice so that you can learn directly from a more experienced mechanic.

5. Certification

Many of today’s mechanic positions require certain types of certification. As cars become more and more computerized, you need to have a thorough understanding of how these computer systems work.

Getting certification to work on hybrid or electric vehicles is also probably a smart move since these types of vehicles are the wave of the future.

Being able to show potential employers that you have a wide range of skills is the best way to improve your chances of finding a good paying job.

6. Do Your Own Research

Don’t feel like the only place you can learn is in school. You can also educate yourself by reading and studying some of the many books or websites that are devoted to cars.

The more knowledge you can gather, the better positioned you will be to start a rewarding career as a mechanic.

Needless to say if you start by yourself ensure you have all the qualifications, reputable motor trade insurance and some good people on your site.

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