New Kia HM (Codename): First Official Pictures


Published here are the very-first official images of Kia’s new large-size SUV, codenamed HM.

The big Kia SUV will, reportedly, make it’s official premiere sometime by the end of 2008.

It is expected to feature a new V6 diesel engine, which has been jointly developed by Kia Motors and its parent Hyundai Motor Company.

Exterior styling of the new Kia HM has been penned by the automaker’s newly appointed Chief designer Peter Schreyer, who used to work for VW and Audi.

He left the famous premium car company to join the Koreans and give Kia a unique and distinctive look.

First vehicles to be designed by his team are scheduled to hit the U.S. market in late 2009 or early 2010.

While the exterior design of the forthcoming Kia HM (codename) SUV has already been completed when he joined the Korean carmaker, Peter did manage to provide Kia with some suggestions on how they could have improved the exterior styling of their latest SUV.

Kia HM pictures: what do they reveal?

Images published here reveal the new Kia HM underneath it’s sheetmetal.

They showcase the body-on-frame platform, typical for real SUVs.

You can also see the HM’s disc brakes and side curtain air-bag.

The upcoming large Kia SUV is expected to receive maximum number of points at the US and European crash tests, so you can expect to see a complete safety equipment applied to the vehicle.

It will also offer all-wheel-drive!

Kia HM image gallery:

autospy20070801-02.jpg    autospy20070801-03.jpg    autospy20070801-04.jpg

Stay tuned to read all the latest Kia car news here at the Kia blog.

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