A Few Tips for New Taxi Drivers


There is no way around the fact that your taxi needs to be on the road in order to make money for you.

As you are looking to buy a vehicle for this purpose, perhaps a used car may sound like a good idea.

It is important to remember however, that this choice inevitably has maintenance and upkeep costs that are not needed should you buy new.

Sure, you saved a little money buying used, but will the servicing costs erase these savings?

For many who know the Taxi Business, the Kia is an obvious choice, as these cars offer tremendous value for the money.

Kia Sorento SUV or Hyundai Santa Fe SUVIn addition to providing a strong economic return, they are within an affordable reach of most.

With the adequate space needed to ferry passengers with different needs are Kia Optima SW, and the Kia Ceed SW.

Getting started in the Taxi business has many start-up costs, which at times can be prohibitive for those just beginning.

Consider working for an existing company. While you will get a little less per client, there is the advantage of having a dispatcher providing you with fares.

Typically, there is no formal educational requirement needed to be a Taxi driver.

Make the time for some training. Depending on your city, courses will vary and can be anything from one day, to several weeks.

In this training, expect to learn things like local traffic laws, street layout, communication equipment, and taxi meter operation.

Often times, this training is offered at no cost by Taxi companies to new hires.

Do everything you can to provide quality service

  • Keep your car clean. It’s far from difficult and remember, in life, one never gets a second chance to make a first impression.
  • Stay off the phone. Give providing a safe ride to your passenger first priority.
  • Always stay calm. Never curse at traffic or other drivers.
  • Make it a point to always be courteous. Good, morning, good evening, thanking them when the ride is over goes a long way as far as word of mouth recommendation, and quite possibly, an always welcomed tip.

Never flash or display your money.

If by chance someone should ask you how business has been that day, rather than say it’s been busy and you have had many fares, just tell them things have been a little slow that day, and they are the first fair that you’ve had in hours.

Should your passenger offer to pay the fair with a large denomination bill, tell them you will take to a store where they can change it.

Regardless of who your fare is, what they may tell you about themselves, or even how they’re dressed, it’s imperative that you never let your guard down.

Do not ever underestimate a passenger and what they are capable of doing to you.

If you get robbed, comply with the bad guy and offer no resistance. By resisting, there is a very likely chance that you will drastically escalate the situation.

It is simply not worth it.

Of course you worked hard for that money, but remember, a wise man is one that will be here the next day.

Be wise and take out taxi insurance that will afford you a good level of protection for accidents and third party claims.

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