What Is Kia SportSpace? PART 1

Kia Sportspace release date

Latest Kia concept vehicle foretells a new midsize wagon.

Many drivers spend a huge chunk of their working week stuck behind the wheel of a car that is going nowhere fast.

Gridlock is prevalent in the highways across the country, giving rise to the need for escape when the weekend rolls around.

Getting out of the city and on the road to a weekend of adventure requires a very specific type of vehicle, and Kia may well have the answer.

The Kia Sportspace is a muscular concept vehicle that looks set to easily handle anything that is thrown at it.

Despite its obvious sense of adventure, the Sportspace is a vehicle that offers the highest level of comfort and safety to all who take a ride in it.

We are going to get into a whole lot more details about the exterior styling and interior features in later posts, so for now let’s talk about the Sportspace concept vehicle and how it all began.

Styled At Kia’s European design center

The Sportspace was conceived and developed in Frankfurt, Germany at Kia’s European Design Center, with Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe, overseeing every detail.

This is a vehicle that is hard to categorize, as it does not snugly fit into any particular segment.

It is that sense of individuality that makes it ideal for those consumer who do not like to be pigeonholed into a specific category, either.

In talking about the origin of the vehicle, Guillaume said that there was some attention paid to the fact that Kia did not have an entry in the important European wagon segment.

That said, he did not want to design a vehicle that would simply fit in perfectly with the rest. Instead, he imagined a vehicle that was equally adept at serving the consumer for business or leisure.

He imagined how he would use just such a vehicle, with visions of taking off for a weekend on the ski slopes of Europe very much at the forefront.

While that thought served as the inspiration for the concept, he still needed a place where it could be officially unveiled.

The only real option in his mind was Geneva, as he believed that the Sportspace and that particular city were a match made in weekend adventurer heaven.

Official launch date: Geneva Motor Show

The Sportspace will be officially unveiled at the 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva, and we believe that you will be genuinely surprised by what you see.

This is a vehicle that perfectly straddles the line between an everyday business model and an athletic grand tourer.

We cannot wait to reveal more about what you can expect, so be sure to check back for additional articles where we go into real detail about the Sportspace concept, both inside and out.

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