Kia Sportspace Boasts Fantastic Design (PART 2)

Kia Sportspace at the auto show

Is this the best-looking Kia concept vehicle ever?

This is the follow-up news post of the “What is Kia Sportspace concept car PART 1″ article.

The Kia SPORTSPACE delivers a design that is totally different from what we have come to expect from a traditional estate car or wagon.

The long lines and unbroken surfaces give the Sportspace concept vehicle a lean profile that features a forward-positioned D-pillar and a rear door setup that is reminiscent of a hatchback.

The tiger nose grille up front lets you know that you are looking at a Kia designed vehicle.

Kia Sportspace features “ice cube” LEDs

Kia Model

Sitting above the ‘ice cube’ LED headlights is a satin aluminum strip on the bonnet that gives the vehicle a real show of strength.

On the underside of the headlights you will find a barely perceptible curve that helps add even more expression to the face of the SPORTSPACE.

More aluminum strips in the chin-spoiler serve as camouflage of sorts for the inset turn signals, which only become visible when in use.

The profile of the new Kia Sportspace concept vehicle is truly stunning, featuring a character line that runs the length of the body to perfectly connect the front and back of the vehicle.

The car is lean, and it is also athletic thanks to the addition of a high beltline, perfectly shaped flanks, and an insert carbon-fiber kick-plate.

Ignition Red Body Color

Kia Photo

The dynamic styling of the SPORTSPACE is further enhanced by the Ignition Red bodywork, a long, narrow glasshouse, and a spear of aluminum that runs from front to back.

The horizontal turn signal that is set into the side mirrors is the same style as the indicators on the front spoiler.

The rear pillar is wide and slopes forward to combine with tapered side surfaces and a concave tailgate. This all comes together to make the rear of the vehicle as bold as the front.

The wide stance at the rear is further emphasized by wide rear lamps and a full-width carbon fiber diffuser. The rear lamps have built-in turn signals that pulse outwards when in use.

Air-flow efficiency at the rear of the vehicle is maximized using a roof-level spoiler.

The tail lamps and twin tailpipes in the diffuser both have the same polygon shape.

20-inch alloy wheels


20-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels with carbon fiber inserts help finish off the powerful, sporty design of the SPORTSPACE.

The unique design makes the wheels appear to be rotating even when the vehicle is stationary.

2,0L Turbo Engine Specs

Under the hood is a high-performance, turbocharged engine that perfectly fits the efficient, downsized gasoline engine profile that Kia is trying to build.

The engine is a 2.0-liter T-GDI that cranks out 250 horsepower via front-wheel drive.

This creates a vehicle with powerful acceleration and excellent fuel efficiency, which all adds up to a dynamic driving experience that matches the sporty styling of the car.

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