2017 Kia K7 Official Pictures Released

2017 Kia K7 launched in South Korea

Kia released fist teaser images of the new Kia K7 premium sedan earlier this month, but now we can see it in all its glory with these new official images!

Sold as the Kia Cadenza in the US market, the 2017 K7 sedan appears to be moving more upscale if the exterior images are anything to go by.

The new look is very reminiscent of what you see in European luxury sedans, whilst also maintaining the now iconic Kia look that features a tiger nose grille and Z-shaped LED daytime running lights.

No technical specs have been released yet, but it appears that the new Kia premium sedan is a littler wider and longer than before.

2017 Kia K7 redesign pictures

New Kia K7   2017 Kia K7

The latest Kia K7 images also appear to show a vehicle that sits lower, which gives it a more dynamic appearance.

The hood has been elongated, and it now features wraparound LED headlights. Around back, there are chrome dual exhaust tips, as well as the addition of metallic trim over the LED lights.

The trunk features a ‘3.3’ badge, which suggests the vehicle will be powered by the new 3.3L V6 twin turbo engine that is also found in the Genesis G90.

That unit is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and generates 370 PS.

What we haven’t seen yet are shots of the interior of the car, but the teaser image does hint at a very stylish look, with wood trim, metallic accents, and leather padding all quite visible.

The future Kia K7 will also feature a fairly large screen for the infotainment system, a large center armrest, and a 3-spoke steering wheel with multiple functions.

The new 2017 Kia K7 will hit the Korean marketplace next year.


  1. Jtz says:

    Nice to turn it into a sports sedan.

  2. Ainnem says:

    Back hints 2016 Optima’s lines, front hints 2016 Sorento’s “lights on the grill” cue

  3. Bryan says:

    Jtz-is that you in the post above? I thought your handle was an all-lower case jtz. Or, you’re now Tobiyah? Somebody’s causing confusion around here. =:]

  4. Tobiyyah says:

    Will actually I’m JTZ, jtz or Tobiyyah. Depending on computer, tablet, cell or laptop. I forget to change the name.

    What do ya’ll theink of the new Genesis Division? I think it’s great!!!

  5. Tobiyyah says:

    I have another question: Do y’all think the GT and K900 should be transfered into the Genesis divion or stay under Kia?

  6. Bryan says:

    Transfer the GT to the Genesis division, as in…Hyundai? To concentrate on a particular aspect of the large and sporty sedan portion of the entire Hyundai/Kia stable? How and who does it help out? Everyone in the Company that earns money from these cars? Or buyers/owners/enjoyers of these particular rigs?

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