Replacing Car Batteries: The Cost Of New Battery


You, like myself, have probably realized only once it was entirely too late that the battery in your car needs to be replaced.

Car batteries and car battery costs are those concepts that sit on the sidelines of life and are only realized once you turn the car key and you do not hear that beloved turn of the engine.

Below are the questions we will discuss and I hope it will give you a jumpstart on the issue so you do not end up with a deadbeat battery at the wrong time!

  • What are car battery costs?
  • When should we change our car battery?
  • Where do we go to change our car battery?

Price of a new Kia car battery

Car battery costs vary greatly depending on your vehicle and how you use that vehicle. Starting costs for a car battery are about $40 but that price can climb close to $200 in your average automobile parts store.

If you have a smaller Kia car such as Rio, Soul and Picanto than you most likely will not have to spend over $50 before taxes but other larger vehicles, a six-cylinder AWD truck for example, will leave you emptying your wallet of just under $300.

When should we change our car battery?

Though car battery prices can be pretty low, we should be willing to fork over the costs before it is too late rather after!

First off, if you feel that you Kia is running funny or it may be having issues when starting, it is almost always cost-free to take it into a Kia automobile store to routinely check the life of the battery (it is a short process that will require you to pop your hood and a mechanic come out to your car).

Depending on how you use your vehicle, the soonest you should have to replace your car battery is three years (if earlier, you probably have a defective battery).

Many experts and mechanics suggest going no longer than seven years but as the saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, done fix it!” Many car batteries are known for lasting 10-15 years!

Where do you change your car battery?

Most any routine automotive car shop will be able to help you with replacing your car battery if it is time for it to be replaced.

I would suggest seeking out a nearby AutoZone or Valvoline, but many still prefer shopping as local as possible. If that is your preference, than there is most certainly a mechanic in your town who would love to help assist you with fixing your battery issues.


Car battery costs may very, but should very seldom exceed $200 or even $100 unless you have a powerful truck.

Look to replace your car battery every 3-7 years and you can visit your local automotive shop in order to make that happen.

Kia car battery coupons, deals & discounts in 2022

Getting cheap prices on Kia car batteries in 2022 is kind of easy. You can search for latest deals online and you might even find some valid coupons.

If you don’t trust the online shops such as or Ebay, you can simply take your Kia vehicle to the nearest Kia car dealership and have the battery changed.

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  1. Kia dealership installed a $345.00 battery (not including labor) in my 2013 Kia Rio Part # 37110-H6A00U (1 year warranty then prorata). Have had car serviced thee since I bought it. Is this correct? It is not a hybrid car or anything like that. Does anyone know if this is normal?

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