Why People Prefer To Import Japanese And Asian Cars


If you are interested in purchasing and importing a Japanese or Asian car into the US but are unsure how to purchase a car from there then you have come to the right place.

We will share with you exactly how to buy a used car as well as the steps needed to import it into the US.

A lot of individuals in Western countries prefer importing Japanese or Asian vehicles directly from source for a variety of reasons.

Although the process can be extensive, expensive and risky, the benefits from importing a vehicle from Japan and Asia are far more than the risks that are involved.

JDM Cars

Japanese Domestic Market” vehicles, JDM for short, are vehicles which Japanese manufacturers have produced exclusively for the Japanese market.

These vehicles are often quite rare and may even include the limited editions of popular cars which can be very difficult to source outside of Japan.

Being able to own one of these JDM models is one of the reasons people like to import Japanese cars, it is a great feeling to know that their vehicle is rare in their particular location.

The condition of JDM vehicles is another popular reason behind Japan imports and the rise of JDM Importers.

Many Western countries experience adverse weather conditions that overtime tend to wear and tear on a vehicle.

Grit and salt is often used during harsh winters to increase the traction and safety of a road, however salt is an extremely corrosive agent which as time goes by, brings about rust and a variety of other structural problems with a vehicle.

In Japan, salt is never used on the roads, so generally a counterpart vehicle in Japan will have less corrosion and rust than a western vehicle will.

Things to Consider


Prices! Remember this process is not a cheap one.

The Japanese Yen, since 2013 is stronger than it has ever been before, and the fees and taxes that accompany importing a vehicle can be enormous, generally around thirty percent of the coat of the vehicle will go to VAT and Tax alone!

We are not even including shipping fees, customs fees, registration fees etc.

Prior to importing your Japanese car, it is recommended that you look around for insurance quoted on the particular vehicle you have in mind.

It is common knowledge that a vehicle which have been imported, not just from Japan, will have insurance premiums which are higher when you use your popular and well known insurance companies.

There are even insurance companies who will straight out refuse coverage of any vehicles that have been imported.

That being said, there are various US based  companies who specialize in insuring vehicles which have been imported, so make sure you shop around until you find the ideal price for you.

As a final note, is it necessary for you to import a vehicle? I know it may seem obvious, there are many vehicles which have already been imported into the US.

Maybe you may have a hard time finding the specific car you want, however if you check out a few owners clubs and visit some specialist websites you may find a vehicle that matches your preferences and is already here. (photo source: wikipedia)

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