Death Valley: 2010 Kia VG sedan spied


Latest Kia spy shots showcase a heavily disguised near-luxury sedan, codenamed VG!

Kia’s near luxury sedan, codenamed VG, has caught the lens of photographers while undergoing some endurance testing in the heart of Death Valley, California and these latest spy shots reveal some nice design cues at front and rear fascias of the upcoming Kia sedan.

Front of the car sports a large “tiger-nose” grille and elongated projector front lamps, while side profile promises to have a sporty look with strong side character line.

This particular prototype still wears heavy camouflage, but you can clearly see some stylish (similar to Jaguar XK) LED tail lights and dual chrome exhaust pipes that nicely integrate into the bumper at the rear.


For some of our new readers that might not have seen our previous spy report, the VG sedan is an all-new near luxury Kia model, similar to Toyota Avalon or Hyundai Azera. It is based on the new FWD platform that will also be used by Hyundai Motor Company for its next generation Azera.

The upcoming Kia VG sedan will be positioned between mid-sized Optima and Amanti sedans and is not expected to replace any of existing Kia models in the range.

Some sources state that VG sedan has been developed to succeed the slow-selling Amanti flagship, but future Kia product plan, that leaked to public not so long ago, reveals Kia is developing even larger model to replace its flagship (Amanti) model.

Since the VG sedan is still about a year away, Kia has not yet released any powertrain details, but we can speculate VG to have a range of engines borrowed from Hyundai Azera and Genesis RWD sedan. Expect to see the second generation 2,4L Theta as an entry-level engine option and a pair of V6 engines, ranging from 3,3L to 3,8L, under the hood. It’s sales is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2009.


  1. Bornloser says:

    Put in a good diesel engine, and bring it to Europe as well!

  2. Martin1491 says:

    Even with all the camoflauge on this car, it is starting to turn out to be quite a looker!. And look at those kick arse dual exhausts!!!

  3. Patrick says:

    im still not convinced its the VG cos of the wheels and the door cut lines, etc. and i think its the CH but man this car is turning out nicely!

  4. himi says:

    I agree with all of you, it looks stunning already although it has the camo all over it.
    Patrick, we might be wrong and at the end it could indeed turn out to be an Amanti successor.

  5. Greg says:

    Sweet. It looks bigger than the Amanti. I think that VG will probably be Sporty Amanti, and CH luxury Amanti.

  6. Patrick says:

    would kia really want to stretch that much upmarket?? i think this will be the BH’s brother/sister but without the V8. they’d compensate for the lack of V8s by making it more fun to drive than the Genesis and maybe lighter… hopefully. oh and this is probably a replacement for the Amanti… at least i hope it is…

    but who cars about what i just wrote cos what do i know??? 😛

  7. himi says:

    Well, you were right, the VG is an Amanti/Opirus replacement. I’ll let you know more about that tomorrow (now, I go to bed, its 1 AM here)… Cheers!;)

  8. Greg says:

    Hell, I have never even seen an Azera in real life. Only pictures. Same with Veracruz, Genesis, Entourage, Accent, and Tuscon. Which is pretty sad considering I see TONS of Kias, and the Hyundai dealership is closer than the Kia dealership. Maybe this car is the CH (Amanti replacement) and the VG will be Optima replacement in a few years. The main frame/design structure has been used on the Optima only for three years, while the Amanti’s frame/design structure has been the same since 2004 with only a single face lift. What this is is CH and VG will come in about two years, when Optima’s cycle is over. Here is what we will see during 2009 (2010 models-projected) Borrego:no change, just debuted; Sedona: Mid-cycle refresh; Sorento: New frame/design structure released; Sportage: no change; Rondo: Mid-cycle refresh; Amanti: CH design comes out; Optima: no change; Spectra: Forte design newly released; Soul: no change; Rio/Rio5: Mid-cycle refresh. Here is what we will see during 2010 (2011 models-projected) Borrego: no change; Sedona: no change; Sorento: no change; Sportage: New frame/design structure released; Rondo: no change; Amanti: no change; Optima: no change; Spectra: no change; Soul: no change; Rio/Rio5: no change. Spy shots we will see in 2010: VG which we will see as new Optima in 2011 as 2012 model; face lift Borrego; new Sedona which will be released in 2011 as 2012 model; Spectra face lift; Soul face lift; new Rio/Rio5 which will be released in 2011 as a 2012 model. THIS IS HAPPENING FOR REAL: Kia is developing a compact pick-up truck under the code name XN, based on 2010 Sorento platform and design. XN will feature Kia’s 2.2L clean diesel as standard engine. Other engines may or may not be available depending on market. A mid-sized pickup (HN) with design based on face-lifted Borrego and the Borrego’s BOF platform may or may not be released in 2012. If it was released, Kia stated that it would come with the new 3.0L clean diesel standard, and may include 4.6L V8 as an Option. We will see what happens. For now Kia says this, “Right now, the compact pick-up market is dominated by over priced domestic vehicles, and reasonably priced foreign vehicles with bogus options and standard features. What we would do is create a reasonable priced pick-up that would come with loads of standard features with a fuel efficient engine that would dominate the market.”

  9. Greg says:

    You have fine grammar. I have never been to New York, nor do I plan too. I don’t like all the rude snobs that live there. Actually, I have heard that most of the North East is full of rude discourteous drivers!

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