Kia Cadenza 2014 Engine Specs, Tires, Premium,Technology Package Features


Kia is experiencing an ever increasing number of potential customers arriving in their showrooms on the lookout for vehicles that offer more luxury features.

This groundswell movement can be traced back to last year when the Optima SXL (Limited) was released.

The car that might fit the bill is the new Kia Cadenza 2014, which will become the flagship for Kia in the US market when it arrives later this year.

The Cadenza will be equipped with advanced systems that will very likely set the bar high in the premium category.

Kia Cadenza engine, transmission

One of the highlights of the all new 2014 Cadenza is likely to be the powerful V6 engine, the most powerful to date.

The 3,3L gasoline direct injection engine will deliver a jolt of power while still maintaining maximum fuel efficiency.

All that power is delivered to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission that comes with a Sportmatic manual shift mode. Paddle shifters on either side of the steering wheel will be used when the car is in that mode.

The V6 engine delivers an earth-shaking 293 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 255 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 rpm.

The fantastic fuel economy is due in large part to the dual continuously variable valve timing on the all-aluminum engine.

The timing chain is maintenance-fee, and the 3-step induction system delivers enhanced torque while running on regular unleaded gasoline.

2014 Cadenza suspension, tires

The 2014 Cadenza premium sedan maximizes driver engagement and performance by including a sport-tuned fully independent suspension with a McPherson strut setup in front and a multilink rear design.

The Cadenza comes standard with 245/45R-18 tires, but opting for the technology package will get you 245/40R-19 tires as part of the deal.

As is the case with every new Kia vehicle, performance and safety are at the forefront.  High Tensile Steel (HTS) is used over 60% of the body, which helps with strength and improved torsional rigidity.

The HTS is made by putting the material through a 1,650 degree hot stamping process. The ride gets even smoother thanks to some new noise reducing technologies, such as a hydraulic transmission mount, optimally tuned damper, and specially designed wheels that have fins to help suppress wind noise when traveling at highway speeds.

Premium or Technology Package Features

There is only one trim level for the Cadenza, but the in-car technology and features that come with it make that single option more than enough.

An advanced navigation system displayed on an 8-inch high resolution touch screen is just one of the standard features. The other standard features are very much on par with what you would expect to find on a premium brand.

Those include leather UVO infotainment system, 12-speaker audio system with rear surround speakers and subwoofer included, standard back-up camera, seat trim, dual-zone automatic climate control with rear seat ventilation and Smart Key keyless entry with push-button start.

Additionally, the new Cadenza also boasts standard leather seat trim, dual-zone automatic climate control with rear seat ventilation, 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat and Bluetoothwireless technology.

You can also choose to add a Premium Package or the Technology Package.

The Premium Package comes with such additions as a full-length panoramic sunroof with power retractable sunshade, 7-inch TFT LCD instrument cluster, premium Nappa leather seats, heated front and rear outboard seats, heated steering wheel with power tilt and telescoping steering column, power rear sunshade and HID headlamps with adaptive front lighting system.

The Technology Package, on the other hand, comes with stylish 19-inch alloy wheels, electric parking brake, Advanced Smart Cruise Control , water repellant hydrophobic windshield, a radar-based Blind Spot Detection system and a Lane Departure Warning System -LDWS.

The all-new Forte will come in EX and LX trim levels, and will continue the tradition that Kia had developed for delivering premium features at affordable prices.


  1. Fred "theflo" Oliver says:

    I know I am alone on this comment. But the Car seems so old and Dated to me now. I was waiting on this car to come to America 2 years ago. It’s been on sale in every other country. The Optima came here with its looks and WOWED the nation. Now I am suppose to GREATFUl that the K7 is finally here???????????????

    Look I need the GT or the Oprius here by end of year as a 2014.

  2. Greg says:

    I’m glad they waited. The original Cadenza was extremely boring. This facelifted model is…umm…..less boring. To be honest, I though the first Cadenza looked too much like a Toyota product, and the interior was too “chunky”. At least this Cadenza has smoothed out interior lines, and sharper body lines. The K9-ish front fascia helps, too. It’s the face the K9 should have had.

  3. George says:

    Not a bad look but not as nice as the Optima. I hope it does well but would like to see a V8 option as Hyundai offers them. It seems this will compete against the Hyundai Azera and not the Genisis; which would have been nice.

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