Song Playing In The 2014 Kia Rondo Commercial


Kia has had a major success launching the new Soul along with cute hamsters playing and dancing to the sounds of latest music hits.

But there’s not all about the Soul crossover, right?

The automaker offers a bunch of other attractive vehicles in their range that also need their voice spread out.

So, their latest video commercial promotes the Rondo MPV, a compact minivan which is on sale in Canada and Europe (but not in the U.S. market).

The all-new Kia Rondo commercial features a cool sounding song played by the Owl City & Yuna. It is called Shine Your Way.

The song’s video clip at the has over 5 million views and is popular enough to be played in the cartoon called the Croods.

The Kia Rondo commercial ad uses the Croods theme, as well as all the funny characters involved.

The whole ad looks pretty cool, so why don’t you watch it here again?

Stay tuned for more Kia news.

One thought on “Song Playing In The 2014 Kia Rondo Commercial

  1. CarmenQuincy says:

    Why is it on sale only in Canada and Europe? Why not the U.S.??

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