2010 Kia cee’d facelift image leaks


First official image of the 2010 Kia cee’d facelift leaks to the web. Official debut scheduled for Frankfurt Motor Show.

The very first official image of the new 2010 Kia cee’d image has leaked into the web today. The word is the Korean second largest carmaker intends to unveil the 2010 cee’d hatchback at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show, scheduled to open its doors in September.

For the 2010 model year, Kia cee’d received a subtle facelift. The most evident styling updates have been made to the front and rear fascias of the car. Styling of the Kia’s updated C-segment hatchback now follows the same design cues as seen on all latest Kia offerings, including Forte, Forte Koup, Optima/Magentis and next generation Sorento crossover.

The front end of the 2010 Kia cee’d looks sharper when compared to the cee’d launched three years ago. The new model now features a beautiful and distinctive signature grille with Kia logo placed in the middle and a pair of slightly restyled headlights.

Sheet metal styling updates continue in the shape of more aggressive front bumper with massive air intake and redesigned rectangular fog-lights. The exterior also benefits from larger side mirrors with turn signals and redesigned alloy-wheels.

Although the 2010 Kia cee’d image leaked today shows only the front end of the car, we expect to see more photos in the days to come. What we have learned about the updated Kia cee’d so far is that styling improvements will also be made to the interior.

There have been some enhancements made to the interior of the cee’d too in terms of design and specification including a more intuitive centre console and upgraded audio system with Bluetooth connectivity. The 2010 Kia cee’d also gains a silver accentuated, leather-wrapped steering-wheel, updated gauges and revised center stack with new audio/GPS unit.


Aside from a bulk of exterior styling updates, there are no major technical changes expected for the 2010 model year Kia cee’d. Kia will continue to offer the same engine line-up, which consists of a number frugal four-cylinder diesel and gasoline engines.

Gasoline power will be provided by 1.4L, 1.6L and 2.0L gasoline engines with power ratings of 109hp, 122hp and 140hp respectively and 1,6L CRDi and 2.0L CRDi diesel engines. Kias eco-friendly ISG technology (start-stop system), currently available only in gasoline powered cee’ds will now be spread to the rest of the cee’d lineup.

In addition to the five-door hatchback, Kia cee’d is also available as a three-door hatch and a Sporty Wagon. The facelift will affect all three models. Stay tuned to see more images and information on the 2010 Kia cee’d soon!


  1. Martin1491 says:

    Well I like it.

  2. himi says:

    Me too! This is the five-door and looks hot, let’s wait to see the three-door pro_cee’d. That one will be even more stunning.

  3. Kiakrazy says:

    What an amazing look. this car is awsome. I have a 2007 model C’eed SW and love it to bits, but with the even better looking 2010, maybe an earlyer than planned change maybe needed!!!!!!!

  4. Kiakrazy says:

    What I mean is my 2007 model may become a 2010 model next year!

  5. @himi: the pro_cee’d won’t get an exterior facelit.

  6. himi says:

    We shall see… I heard it will, but there wont be as many changes as on five door model, but that was said to me sometime ago.
    What’s your source nixloshier?

  7. ConceptVBS says:

    Will the Forte (Cerato) make it to the European market? Or is the Ceed and its derivatives Europe only?

  8. John C says:

    After a year of owning a 2008 Spectra 5, I lost confidence in the reliability. The service department where I bought it (Kia Country, in Charleston SC) was the worst experience I have had (and I’ve had some bad experiences). They blamed me for a seat belt that wouldn’t retract and a gas cap door that wouldn’t open. The passenger door would also not close sometimes. The MPG was disappointing.. the best it ever got was 28 mpg going 55 mph.. the handling was awful.. top heavy, wheels had a shimmy problem, and was just too low for a car that handled that badly. The engine was good and didn’t burn any oil at all. Although I kept smelling something burning.. transmission? But the service department was the worst. Is it that hard to repair a gas cap? Is is necessary for them to treat me like dirt after I purchased a new car from them? Do they think that’s why I purchased a new car? I tried to save a few thousand with Kia and lost much more. I traded it in for a Honda CRV that gets better mileage.

    Even with lower selling price, I don’t think Kia is worth it. They really need to improve the service for cars that are already considered unreliable. I don’t think Kia is worth the risk, so got rid of mine at a big loss.

  9. Kyle says:

    This better come to the states or I am going to Hi jack the ships carrying load of these going to Europe and show up at massachusetts =)

  10. Greg says:

    The cee’d doesn’t ever get on a boat, it is manufactured in Slovakia. We won’t get the cee’d, we get the Forte.

  11. I kind of like it and I kind don’t…the grille looks too big – maybe it will look better from another angle…

  12. himi says:

    At first glance to me it looks like Kia KEE…

    I find it really attractive. Five-door cee’d has been criticized from some media for being bland, now this update will most definaely change their thinking… Hope to see more pics soon!

  13. Greg says:

    What I love about every new Kia, is they all look the same, but they all look very unique, Kia does it perfect, and unlike Chevy, their signature grille isn’t so f*cking ugly! I mean look at the Aveo. Come on, WTF GM? You wonder why no one wants your sh!+?

  14. Bryan says:

    Kia is smoking big-time and Chevy is stuck in Mississippi mud.

  15. HyundaiSmoke says:

    JohnC, KIA has a Reputation, of good and bad cars. They mostly make good cars (90%), just that the ones with defects are really bad (10%). Sorry you got one of the Lazy Shift Cars at the plant man.

    You only got 28 MPG, becuase KIA as well as Hyundais are notourious (in a good way) for very long break in cycles. I have a 2007 Accent for Example,. I bought it with 68 Miles on the odometer, I now have 81,000 miles on the Odometer. Nothing goes wrong, well the tire packages suck on the lower trims badly, but other than that, its very easy to service, I can change my own fluids etc… I have it tuned as well. My gas Mileage is still creeping up to this day I get 39MPG on a good day even at speeds of 75MPH.

    The engine in my 98 Accent didnt break in fully until about 125,000 miles, it had 240,000 miles when I traded it in.

    So JohnC, dont judge the whole brand on a 10 percenter car. Hyundai doesnt have those defect cars like that anymore, but KIA still can make a couple of them here and there. KIA has undertaken a new strategy to stop those very few defect cars getting out on the marketplace, by emulating its older brother Hyundai. The new Strategy called “Defects to Zero in 5 years.” It has worked for Hyundai, as Hyundais are more reliable now than Hondas or Toyotas, and is tied with Lexus and behind Porcshe.

    The strategy is working for KIA, as KIAs reliablity rating has gone up to where Hyundai was at 5-7 years ago, in 8th place. Hyundai made some pretty damm good cars 5-7 years ago while KIA, was in 20th-25th place in terms of reliability in that time period.

    I predict that KIA will reach their goal of “Defects to Zero” in 3 not 5 years.

  16. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I Predict that as Hyundai becomes more Luxury and Tech Oriented. KIA with just the simple Powertrains, etc… will Eventually even surpass Hyundai in terms of reliablity. I can see KIA being the most reliable Automarker in the US come 2012., With Hyundai tied with Mecredes at 2nd place.

    -Lexus/Toyota/Scoins relaiblity rankings are slowly dropping. Nissans reliablity has dropped like a stone, ever since they satrted to depend more and more on Cheaper Renault Pars and Techonology in their cars. . Hondas quality has been stable for years. Its just that others like Hyundai have gotten better than Honda

    Cadillac was tied with Lexus and Hyundai as well.

  17. smudge says:

    The cee`d is already a brilliant car which is underadvertised in the UK. If Kia spends more money on advertising this car their biggest problem would be supply. I own a 2007 CRDI LS and its faultless! Perhaps the facelift will be the springboard to shake GM, Ford and VW. A name change from CEE`D would also help to bring in prospective buyers as CEE`D is possibly the worst model label ever!

  18. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Even Suzuki, VW/Audi, BMW, and Chevy cars are getting so much better in quality to the point to where they are more reliable than Nissan cars now. However, as the Years go on, Hyundai/KIA needs to focus on Ford/Mercury/Lincoln, Chevy, Suzuki, and VW/Audi. Not play games with these guys, but make products that put these guys to shame.

    – 2010-2030=The Years of the Korean, Korean/American(Chevy and Suzuki) and German Makes. The Japanese have gotten very lazy lately and are just selling cars based on reputations from 20 years ago, without keeping real quality in their cars. The Koreans, Korean/American, and German Makes are very hungry now and will reap dividends as Japanese have gotten overpriced and lazy with quality.

    -Look at the KIA Forte and the Toyota Corolla. Just a couple of years ago the Corolla was ahead of the outgoign Spectra, today The Incoming Forte is leaps and bounds ahead of the Toyota Corolla. If KIA plays their cards right, the Fotre can replace the Toyota Corolla as the car a lot of people must have.

  19. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I got a name for the C’eed=Forte Spec E (E for Euro)

  20. HyundaiSmoke says:

    For that Matter the Forte is leaps and bound ahead of the Civic too.

  21. HyundaiSmoke says:

    However I think C’eed has a meaning a double meaning.

    1. C’eed is the car that is ceeding: practical, reliable, gas sipping, sporty and fun transport in Europe from the Japanese to the Koreans.

    2. C’eed is the Seed that KIA is using to grow upon its brand new European Development and Image Objectives.

  22. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Not just Euro Development but Global Development, as more and more C’eed Powertrains, and interior fitments are finding their way into KIAs here in the US.

  23. Wim says:

    Cee’d stands for: Communauté Europeenne (Community of Europe) European Design. This as a particular statement that the Kia Cee’d was the first car to be produced in Europe to sell only in European Countries. This in combination with the 7 year warranty policy makes it a big hit in Europe.

  24. Kyle says:

    hmm, now I’ve carefully examined the car, do you know what this thing needs?

    The Soul Grill =D

  25. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Nice info Wim, thanks.

    Why do Europeans get a Better Warranty than us here in America? The Euro Warranty makes sense, our warranty only caters to old people and those who hardly travel anywhere. 100,000 miles in 10 years. Thats 3-4 years of driving for me, and if I had the luxury of traveling and driving even more I can do that in 2 years easy.

    Then again, here in America the warranty isnt as strong of a seller as it used to, becuase now almost everybody has copied after us and improved on their warranties. In terms of warranties, ours is now outdated compared to the other manufacturers. You cant compete with transferrable lifetime warranties some of the others have now.

    -However, we Must Take credit for setting the new standard as to what a basic car warranty should be.

  26. Greg da chajee says:

    If we have transferable warranty, then the cost of the vehicle would have to go up. Any car that hits a 100K should be sold off unless your a mechanic. After 100K your on borrowed time..

  27. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Not In a Hyundai/KIA Small car Greg. After 200,000-250,000 I think youll be on borrowed time then. I do want to buy next gen Accent. By then the 07 will be at 125,000-150,000 Miles. It has 80,000 miles now. Im debating on trading it in or keeping it as a pure tuner or beater. If I trade it in, I hope some other kid has 5-10 more years of fun before it falls apart.

  28. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I might get the Accent when it comes out by paying for it in Cash, and then trade the old girl 07 in about 6-7 years for a Kee or Genesis Coupe.

  29. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Who Knows, the Kee could be the Rio 3 door Hatch, or it could be Amanti Based as well. I hear it will be the true spiritual successor to the Hyundai Tiburon. More Power than the Veloster, and still with good fuel economy.

  30. ian says:

    i know that all kia’s brand’ is very nice.. and fuel economy/.,.

  31. Wim says:

    The warranty policy is pretty strange because not all European countries provide 7 years of warranty. Only Belgium (where I live), Holland and Ireland. In other European countries it’s 5 years. The 7 years have one limitation though: it’s 7 years OR 150000km. (I don’t know exactly how much miles that are but i think around 100000m.). It also doesn’t count for all the models but only for the Cee’d, Soul and Sportage. Complicated enough? Greg: prices here aren’t really that high in comparison to the competion so the combination of good prices and the longest warranty on the market makes it a fun car to sell.

  32. ORLANDO says:



  33. Greg says:

    ¡en inglés por favor!

  34. Andrew says:

    In September 2007I bought a Ceed Sport wagon. I live in Sweden, but born and raised in Massachusetts. The Ceed is simply a great car. The 1.6L turbo diesel is a gem, with gobs of torque. In American terms, I’m getting 37+ MPG in mixed driving. The Co2 emissions are very low. Unfortunately, for you folks Stateside, you won’t be seeing this beauty.

    Last week, I ordered the new 2010 Ceed SW EX automatic. The 2010 not only has a facelift, but a new suspension, new 1.6L diesel, with more horse power and more torque, but better fuel economy. Also the interior and sound system has been upgraded. My 2007/2008 is fine as it is and to me didn’t need any upgrading, but now I’m looking forward to a variation on a great theme. There are other features concerning the new 2010 of which I don’t have time to mention.

  35. Ksyura says:

    Super !!!

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