2016 Kia cee’d 5-door Revealed In Leaked Picture

cee'd facelift

The 2016 Kia cee’d facelift leaks online before its official debut!

What you see here is the refreshed Kia cee’d 5-door hatchback, which is set to be revealed later this summer, ahead of an official world debut at September’s 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show.

It appears that Kia has taken a relatively safe approach with the design of its new cee’d.

The car’s refreshed front fascia boasts a slightly updated singature grille and revised bumper with smaller fog lights and some chrome accents.

Also visible are newly designed chrome alloy wheels.

2016 Kia cee'd red

We will keep you updated on the new cee’d changes, so stay tuned! (Photo-credit: abload.de)


  1. jtz says:

    Kia only took this picture to distract us from looking at the Kia GT or Niro currently being tested. Since when would Kia take a picture in their own plant? You’re not even allowed to bring cameras or electronical protable devices in the plant. I bet you the GT is in that same room.

    Oh yeah I can sense that Kia GT. It’s probably coming out to be tested like 2:45am when most people are sleep.

    When it comes to the Kia GT, the Koreans are up to something, something big, something fast, something nasty, something mean, something scary, something grounbreaking something I don’t know what it is yet but I will find out or my name ain’t…….j.t.z.

  2. Bryan says:

    Kia GT – bring it on, baby!

  3. omer oktar says:

    Very nice car. İ owned white sportywagon crdi .

  4. GeraldBearman says:

    I have driven the new 7 speed dct auto box first seen on the facelift Hyundai 130 and I much prefer the excellent current 6 speed torque converter box on my Ceed crdi auto, unless the DCT box is improved when the facelift Ceed arrives Oct 1 in the UK, I shall not be buying it. 0-60 mph is only 0.4 secs. faster but the take off is not smooth enough and feels slow with the gear changes struggling.

  5. Gerald Bearman says:

    2016 CEE’D on sale in the UK from October 1st

  6. Gerald Bearman says:

    Facelift Ceed crdi now has very good fully automatic 7 speed dct box giving excellent acceleration. However ride despite claims of improvement over previous model is still poor giving a thumpy ride ,I have reduced tyre pressures to 29 instead of recommended 32. Biggest improvement is fuel consumption getting 44/5 mpg combined , previous model only 34 mpg.Have changed tyres to Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance for some steering feel which is not too light as in some inaccurate motor magazine reviews. Again headlights not bright enough have fitted Philips Extreme Vison 13O+ for a better whiter light. The instrumentation IMO is still very poor with overlarge fuel dial no permanent temp gauge or trip odometer have to trawl through complex menu. Hard to remember what the many switches are for. No autonomous braking. However CEED is still a best buy with 7 year warranty,cheap 3 yr service deal. Prefer the 2 version which includes powered foldback mirrors rear parking sensors, space saver over potential troublesome high tech models.

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