Cee’d used as a safety car?!


Meet the Kia Cee’d Safety Car. This tweaked hatch shows just how easily the Cee’d can be transformed from sensible to a bit special. It’s already seen action at Silverstone and Castle Combe, and we’ve also spotted it hurtling along the M25, but there are no plans to put it into production.

Along with the rear spoiler and those roof-mounted VisionAlert lights (are we the only ones with a slightly unhealthy fetish for this sort of police-style thing?), the Cee’d safety car has had a few mechanical modifications.

The suspension has been lowered and uprated, and some Eibach springs fitted. Then there are the wheels, which are tasty black 18×8 inch Rimstock items wearing low-profile 205/40 Michelin Pilot Sport tyres.

Naturally there’s also a built-in siren and a public address system, so you can let people know you’re coming.

There are plans to take development of the safety car further next year, with different dampers, and possible adjustments to the wheel offset and tyre profile. Sadly the engine is currently stock, but we’re sure there’s room for a couple of turbochargers under the bonnet. Or a V8… [Source: Autocar]

Cee’d safety car gallery:

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