Kia Cee’d 5-Door Facelift: Front Fascia Renderings


Exclusive revealing of the 2010 Kia cee’d new front fascia design along with new headlight and tail-lamp styling.

The upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show will host an European premiere of the highly anticipated Kia cee’d facelift.

Kia’s top-selling 5-door hatchback in Europe, which successfully competes against European finest C-segment hatchbacks such as the VW Golf, Opel Astra and Ford Focus, is set to undergo some major styling updates for the new model year.

The upcoming styling makeover (facelift) will not only affect the five-door cee’d hatchback, but also the other two sibling models in the cee’d family.

Both, the three-door pro_cee’d and cee’d Sporty Wagon will receive exterior and interior styling updates for the 2010 model year, too.

As previous spy shots suggested, the new cee’d has received a number of modifications but heavy camouflage, attached to the front and rear fascia, prevented us from seeing those newly designed exterior parts. 

The exterior of the revised Kia cee’d will feature a heavily redesigned front fascia, which will provide the car a sharper and sportier appearance.

New to the 2010 model year Kia cee’d will be the H-shaped signature grille, known also as “tiger nose”, redesigned black-bezel headlamps and updated front bumper with larger air intake.

The 2010 Kia cee’d will also sport new side mirrors with turn signals and restyled LED taillights.

Thanks for the pics Aidem!

Update: we had to remove the pics of the vehicle on request of Kia Motors Europe!

Another Kia news update: first details on the 2016 Kia cee’d GT hot hatchback emerge!


  1. JonathanLGardner says:

    Wow, it looks g r e a t !
    A definate improvement! I was afraid that the H-grille wouldn’t look right on the Cee’d, but Kia’s designers have worked up another beauty! Bravo Kia!

  2. Jason says:

    BJD (Boris) was right about the LED tail lights. Is there any news about the cee’d coming to the USA? The cee’d is the best vehicle in Kia’s line up, globally.


  3. kia cee'd says:

    Cee’d is exclusive model for Europe and there are no plans for it being exported to US and other international markets, Jason.

  4. Greg says:

    The Forte takes the Cee’d’s marketplace globally.

  5. Jason says:

    Isn’t there a rumor that there might be a Forte hatchback (aka: cee’d) coming to the US (or other countries)? I know the Hyundai Elantra Touring is available in the USA, why can’t we get the Kia version?!


  6. Jason says:

    PS: What I meant about the cee’d being the best model in their line-up globally is that of every country and every Kia model I am aware of, the cee’d is the top for all of them. This is my opinion, but it seems to win awards weekly!


  7. Greg says:

    I have heard rumors of a Forte SW.

  8. Rob says:

    I have a Cee’d and think it’s a good car, and I really like the new face-lift improvements (but changes so early on in the ceed’s life (wow).

    What’s the score with the FORTE then ?….and is this comeing to the UK, or is the Cee’d the UK version of the Forte?

    I’m just suprised that Kia didn’t leave the Cee’d alone, but intorduce the Forte as a saloon model above the Cee’d. Now then there would have been some decision making in my house !!… whether to pick the Cee’d or Forte?

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