Kia cee’d hybrid has a new face and powertrain tech


Kia cee’d hybrid receives new powertrain technology and new front fascia design.  

Yesterday, you could have seen first hybrid concept car out of three that are being displayed at this year’s Kia’s booth in Frankfurt. And now it’s time to look at the second one. Alongside Sorento diesel-electric hybrid stands a white-painted cee’d hatchback, covered with green flowing stickers on its doors.

Developed at Kia’s European R&D centre, the cee’d hybrid is a follow-up model of the initial cee’d hybrid model, which has been shown for the first time at the Paris Auto Show last year. Since we have last seen it a few months ago, the new cee’d hybrid adopted new front fascia and received upgraded powertrain technology.

The heart and soul of Kia cee’d hybrid concept car shown in Frankfurt is a four-cylinder 1.6L engine. It is very similar to the one used in Forte Lpi hybrid, but it is powered by gasoline, rather than liquefied petroleum gas.

The engine, which belongs to Kia’s “Gamma” engine family, is paired with Kia’s own developed continuously variable – CVT transmission and 20-horsepower electric motor. The high-torque electric motor has a maximum torque of 105 Nm from just 1500 rpm.

According to Kia, new cee’d hybrid reaches a top speed of 185 km/h and accelerates from 0-to-100 kmh in just 11.8 seconds. CO2 emissions of the hybrid model have been lowered by 25 percent, to only 96grams per kilometer, when compared to standard cee’d.

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  1. Chajee Pojee says:

    Thats a sharp looking car, they need to bring to the US.. We have some boring and ugly cars here. You could make this a hit, with a street performance package and a diesel or gas…

  2. BJD (Boris) says:

    hatchbacks dont sell well in US.

  3. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Thats what GM says Boris.

    This is the New Hyundai/KIA small car Hybrid Motor. It will be in Cee’ds, Souls, Rios, Accents, Elantras, i20s, and Fortes.

  4. Bryan says:

    Jealous-jealous-jealous we can’t have it. =:(

  5. Greg says:

    Hopefully suppliers for the Slovakian plant can keep up to continue building these new cee’ds. Having to close the plant for a day because of lack of parts is total b-s.

  6. Bornloser says:

    Don’t worry Greg. They cannot stop production, as they haven’t even started yet!
    Anyway 96 would be good …. for a vehicle with a conventional engine. It’s merely average in a hybrid… The prius gets 89, the upcomming new Polo Blue Motion (not a hybrid!) 87!
    Stil a lot of development to do….

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