2017 Kia Ceed TCR Race Car


There are already a number of major automakers contesting the TCR series, and Kia are about to throw their hat into the ring with this great looking cee’d race car.

Austrian based STARD have been tapped by Kia to develop the 2017 cee’d TCR.

The regulations set in place by TCR dictate that the model have a production bodyshell with an extended width up to 76.77 inches, as well as extensions to the fender.

4-cylinder turbo engines that generate up to 330-hp are used, with a 2.0-liter capacity being the norm.

That said, Kia may opt for a 1.6-liter engine used in the cee’d GT model. It is possible to use sequential gearboxes, but a weight penalty is assessed for those.

Total Kia cee’d TCR car cost is capped at $101,000.

The regulations in place are all based on the SEAT Leon Cup car that is most commonly used in TCR.

Other automakers who have approved cars are VW, Opel, Honda, and Peugeot.

Independent teams have also been known to use Subaru and Alfa Romeo models.

STARD CEO Michael Sakowicz is delighted with the progress being made with the Kia cee’d over the last few months, and he believes that they will have a very competitive car on their hands when all is said and done.

He spoke about the schedule being on project, and also being very much in line with the strict guidelines laid down by Kia at the start of the partnership.

We can expect to see the finished article unveiled in September, just in time for delivery for the 2017 TCR season.

Ceed TCR video preview

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