2020 Kia Ceed “SUV” Spied Fully Undisguised

Kia Xceed SUV

Kia to expand their Euro-market car line-up with a new, more rugged Ceed SUV.

Kia will soon unveil an all-new compact crossover that will go to battle in the compact crossover segment with the likes of the Subaru Crosstrek, Ford Focus Active, and VW Golf Alltrack.

The new model does not yet have a name, but the rumors are that it could be called the X_Ceed.

Thanks to the very first spy shots showing heavily camouflaged prototypes, we can now start to tell you what the vehicle is going to look like!

From what we can see, the overall shape is definitely in line with that of the regular Ceed 5-door hatchback. What sets the two apart are raised suspension and the addition of roof rails and some extra plastic cladding on the body.

Kia Xceed spied testing

Once the new SUV gets released, the Ceed family will expand to 4 different models, with the 5-door hatchback, sportswagon, and the Proceed already available to the buying public.

Four would appear to be the magic number here, as there are no plans to add any more models to the Ceed family after this one.

Kia Ceed models

  • 5-door hatchback (+ sporty GT variant)
  • Proceed “shooting brake”
  • Sportswagon (+ upcoming plug-in hybrid – PHEV)
  • SUV
Kia Ceed SUV spy shots

Will AWD be available?

The current Ceed car family is only offered with front-wheel-drive. Knowing that, we can assume that the upcoming SUV sibling will also eschew an optional AWD drivetrain.

Rumored Geneva Motor Show launch & on-sale date

There is no official word from Kia in regards to the official release date, but we can probably expect to see the model unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held in September 2019.

The sale of the new Kia Ceed SUV in Europe will likely commence shortly after the official unveiling, which means first customers may get behind the wheel of this exciting crossover already in autumn this year.

Ceed SUV to be available in U.S.?

We would certainly love to see the new Kia Ceed SUV on North American soil, but we already know it won’t happen, as the Ceed family is firmly based in Europe only.

It’s not all bad news, though, as Kia plan on releasing a new compact SUV, currently working under the SP codename, in the US in about a year or so. That model will not look much like the Ceed, though, and we will do all we can to keep you up to date with news on the Kia “SP” SUV as we get it. (Source: bobaedream)


  1. Jtz says:

    Keep the spy shots coming on the all new redesigned website. This was the spot to seeing future Kia’s being tested. We used to be on here daily talking every day. Hopefully some of us return back.
    The latest news is the Kia Tusker SUV. I think it is segmented between Soul and Sportage. It is boxy and truck like just like the Telluride

  2. Kevin Higginson says:

    Looks like another winner.
    Reminds me of a GLA or X2.
    Think the Ceed family is gunning for lower end A class. Great job

  3. keea says:

    This will be a great addition to the existing Ceed line-up. If Kia offers AWD on this model, it’s going to be an extra selling point.

    If priced right, this vehicle could become a great seller.

  4. Kevin Higginson says:

    Following my idea the Tusker would be the GLB competitor.

  5. Mike says:

    Kevin, the Tusker is probably smaller than the GLB. It is more of a competitor of the VW T-Cross.

    This piece here, aka Xceed, is the GLA competitor.

  6. klowik says:

    I like the bigger grille on the Cerato rather than this slim one on this new model. The shape of the headlight looks a bit awkward.

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