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Here at, we are well aware of just how competitive the automotive industry is. Not only are brands vying for top spot in each vehicle category, dealerships are also locked in head to head competition with their rivals.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to get the word out to the masses about your business.

With our car dealership promotion offer, you can now introduce yourself to the leading Kia news blog in the United States.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete and can be done at no cost to you. Please read on to find out exactly what should be included in your dealership intro.

Kia dealership submission guide

  • Short dealership introduction

Write a short description of your Kia dealership. Write about 4 to 6 sentences with a general description of your dealership.

  • Locations that you serve

List the closest towns and cities that your car dealership covers.

  • Video

Post a link or URL to one of your videos. That can be your dealership promo video, review of a vehicle or simply the latest video you have published on YouTube.

  • Quote

Post a short quote that best describes your dealership and the services you are offering.

  • List of specials, coupons, services

Write down a couple of sentences about the services you’re offering. You can also list the services, coupons and specials your dealership provides.

  • Contact information

Please, fill in the following information about your store

  • Address (write down your address):
  • Phone number (phone number):
  • Website (URL of the website):
  • Facebook URL (optional):
  • Instagram URL (optional):
  • Anecdote (optional)

Is there something funny or highly interesting that has happened at your dealership? How about cool or fun anecdotes related to your business? Share it with Kia fans and potential customers.

  • Picture(s)

Please, send us one or two quality pictures (along with the Word or Google document) to the [email protected]

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