2010 Kia Forte goes on sale with base price of $13.695


Official Kia Forte website updated with additional information and several new images. Base US-spec Kia Forte starts at $13.695.

Kia Motors America has updated it’s official website with more details on it’s all-new 2010 Forte sedan. Since many of us have been anticipating Kia to release more information on it’s all-new Forte sedan, these updates are very welcome and come in line with the official Forte press introduction.

The US official press introduction is held in Seatle and will last from June 8th to 13th. Major US automotive media will be heading to Seatle to gather detailed information on the car, and more importantly get behind the wheel of the 2010 Kia Forte sedan.

As a mather of fact, right now, there’s a “wave one” going one, with the first group of journalists taking the streets of Seatle to fully experience what 2010 Kia Forte sedan has to offer.

2010 Kia Forte cost

Official pricing for the 2010 Kia Forte has not been officially released yet, but thanks to our dear friend and very enthusiastic Kia fan we can now reveal the accurate US-spec Forte pricing information. Thanks for the pricing info, Greg!

In addition to offering attractive exterior styling, up-to-date mechanics and great driving dynamics, Kia Forte also surprises with a very competitive pricing, which should make it even more tempting to buy.

As you can see below, base Kia Forte LX, equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and 156-horsepower four-cylinder engine starts at a very affordable $13.695. Base price for the Forte EX starts at $15.795. Forte SX with more potent 2.4L Theta II engine starts at $17.195 (manual transmission) and tops off at $18.195 for the model equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission.

2010 Kia Forte pricing:

  • LX M/T: $13,695
  • LX A/T: $14,695
  • EX M/T: $15,795
  • EX A/T: $16,795
  • SX M/T: $17,195
  • SX A/T: $18,195
  • LX Convenience Package: $1,500
  • EX Leather Package (A/T): $1,000
  • EX Premium Package: $800
  • EX Fuel Economy Package (A/T): $600
  • SX Leather Package: $1,000
  • SX Sunroof: $600


  1. J. says:

    Why they didn’t get rid of spectra?

  2. Jon says:

    Does anyone know the prices of the Forte Koup yet? They can’t be too far off of these prices.

  3. Jon says:


    They most likely discontinued the Spectra because buyers perceived it as a bargain model that could not compete with its competitors.

    With the Forte, they could start fresh and build a new image for its small sedan offering.

  4. HyundaiSmoke says:

    J and Jon, have you seen the Spectra commecials lately? They are practically giving them away for $11,000 tops. They have to clean out for the Forte.

  5. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Nice and Affordable, better than any competition and Cheaper than all of them except the Colbalt and Focus. Howver, compared to the Colbalt and Focus this is a steal.

  6. HyundaiSmoke says:

    By the way, Hyundai is working on an Elantra Coupe for the next gen Version on the Forte Platform. The Next Gen Elantra will be out next year, 2 years earlier than normal.

  7. Commander104 says:

    Hey HSmoke, could you tell me what’s a better bargain: Accent or Spectra?

  8. Greg says:

    Whoops. forgot to put in the $695 destination charge on all of the models.

  9. HyundaiSmoke says:

    If you want power get the Spectra. If you want MPG get the Accent. Id hold off though, considering Hyundai KIA is revamping all of their models.

    I found out today that the Current gen Accent and Elantra will be discontinued in Winter 2010. The Next Gen Accent and Elantra will come out in Spring/Summer of 2010 and they will have: 3 door, Sedan and 5 door hatch variants for both vehicles.

    Note: that would be a year earlier than scheduled for the Elantra and 6 months earlier for the Accent. I bet the Rio will be out by then, and the Forte Koup and 5 Door Hatch as well. The Hyundai/KIA 1.6L and 2.0L Direct Injection Turbos will be out as well. The small car Hybrid system will probably be on the market as well.

  10. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Unless they hold off on the Rio for a couple of years, to make the price super cheap so it will replace the Accent is the cheapest car. The Accent will be going upmarket Hyundai Motor America CEO John Krafick says.

  11. Tony says:

    brochure is available too

    problem is you can only print it out

    so i installed a pdf print driver and a i printed to a pdf

    interesting what the americans get and don’t get

  12. Gary says:

    My order for a silver or titanium SX with AT and leather was placed about 2 weeks ago, coinciding with the first deliveries of 3 cars to each vendor. So far, the leather interiors have been a no-show. Perhaps I’ll accept a cloth SX and go with aftermarket leather. Re: brochures…my local dealers are currently distributing them.

  13. Kyle says:

    Wayy too cheap. I mean… wayy too cheap… if Kia wants to improve it’s brand image, this gotta at least start at 14.5 K if they don’t wanna get laughed at by the Japanese hate bloggers.

  14. juan pablo says:

    hola soy de argentina no manejo mucho el ingles. pero me gustaria si alguien puede que me pase info del forte si se va a vender en latinoamerica y a que precio. ya que tengo un cerato(spectra) y es barbaro me gustaria cambiarlo en algun momento por un forte si es posible.
    desde ya muchas gracias

  15. isellkia says:

    drove the forte sx today…wow very nice

  16. Gary says:

    isellkia…any comments on ride quality of the 45 series tires? harshness? road noise?

  17. isellkia says:

    the ride was better then the 2009 spectra. i was on the highway going 80 mph and i took a off ramp at 60 mph. fast but not crazy fast.

    no shaking and great acceleration. the SX seems to take the turns a lot quicker then the forte EX. I would imagine the tires would have something to do with that.

    I could see myself owning one these in a few years.

  18. Hi guys, does anyone have the Civic and Corolla US pricing to compare with the Forte?

    2010 Kia Forte pricing:
    LX M/T: $13,695
    LX A/T: $14,695
    EX M/T: $15,795
    EX A/T: $16,795
    SX M/T: $17,195
    SX A/T: $18,195
    LX Convenience Package: $1,500
    EX Leather Package (A/T): $1,000
    EX Premium Package: $800
    EX Fuel Economy Package (A/T): $600
    SX Leather Package: $1,000
    SX Sunroof: $600

  19. Greg da chajee says:

    iselllia, I have been driving my sx for almost 6 months now and I Love it, its fast for a kia, it hugs the road almost like a slot car, I am looking forward to driving the Koup soon..

  20. isellkia says:

    once i get 130k miles on my car i plan on buying a small car for my self and i am taking a close look at the forte

  21. Jason says:

    PS: Specifically, I’d prefer a gauge in the dash- like the fuel level, tach, speedo, etc., like they have done for the past 15 years, over a digital gauge that you have to scroll through the information center to find the engine temperature.

  22. Greg says:

    Kia is removing it on almost all of their models. Rio-gone, Forte-gone, Sportage-gone. The Soul, Rondo, Optima, and Sedona all have temp gauges, but the Sportage, which is more likely to do towing, doesn’t have one? Kia-cut costs elsewhere.

  23. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Hyundai wont get a Soul, but it will get a 5 door Accent hatch. The Accent will be the top dog small car, they are using the Audi A2 and Mercedes A class as benchmarks for the Next Gen Accent. Of course, it will be a lot cheaper though. Hyundai is going upmarket, they cant keep the current gen Elantra if it wants to do that.

    Forget the Japanese hate bloggers. As people are looking for better value these days, you can be assured that the Hyundai/KIA buyer is making the smart financial decision.

  24. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Though the Elantra is quite upmakert looking though.

  25. Bryan says:

    Very low prices for this beauty. Kia knows what they’re doing and once again they’ve done us all well with this car. Beautiful new car!

  26. Greg says:

    Hey, did you guys know that 4th gear in the 4 speed automatic, and 5th gear in the 5 speed automatic in the Forte are exactly the same? They are both 0.713:1

  27. Gary says:

    Greg…you are correct. But, look at the FINAL DRIVE ratios: 3.681 for the 4AT and 3.099 for the 5AT, a 16% difference.

  28. Gary says:

    For those of you browsing the U.S. Forte brochure, note the printing error on the specifications page stating that the 2.4 engine has an IRON BLOCK. Both available engines (U.S.) have aluminum blocks/heads.

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