Kia Forte For Sale In… Find Dealer Incentives, Lease Deals, Rebates


Kia has achieved a great level of success with their Forte family of cars, making it a must have for many of those in the market for a new car.

As exciting as it is to get behind the wheel of your new vehicle, there are some things you should look at before you take the plunge.

This is particular true when you look at a vehicle like the Forte, as there are multiple models and trim levels at your disposal.

3 different body styles of Kia Forte car

Are you fine with the base 4-door sedan, or would you rather go a little sportier with the Forte Koup coupe.

Kia Forte On SalePerhaps the Forte5 hatchback is more your style.

The fact is that while you may know that you want something from that family, it helps to get to know each of the vehicles a little better before making your final decision.

A big part of making that decision comes from understanding what the vehicle will be used for.

For example, the Koup may be more suited to the younger crowd, while the Forte5 might be better for a family that needs a little more space and practicality in their car.

Once you have narrowed it down to the actual model that you want, it’s time to start digging a little deeper.

US market Trim Levels & Packages

Each of the vehicles comes with a number of different trim levels, with the standard features in each all a little different.

You need to decide which features you need and which you can live without.

There is always ability to add optional packages if you like one particular model that doesn’t have all the features you want.

The one thing to remember here is that the price tends to go up with each additional feature you add into the mix.

Pricing, Dealership Incentives, Rebates

Price is also going to play a role in the type of Forte that you eventually choose.

Cutting back on the number of features is one way to go about that, but you can also talk to the dealer to see about getting the price to a better level for your own personal needs.

There may be some dealer incentives available out there, or there may even be a lightly used pre-owned version of the vehicle you want sitting in the lot.

Sure, it may come with a few km’s on the board, but you can then end up getting a higher trim level at a price you can afford.

It is always a good idea to get down to the Kia dealership and try each car out for size.

Sitting inside and taking it for a spin is the best way to tell if the car that you love the look of is also the one you love to drive.

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