Dimensions Of 2017 Kia Forte Sedan + Trunk Space


Kia’s American Design Center in Irvine, California is where the third-generation Kia Forte (also known as Cerato in some markets) got its new look.

As usually, the ex-Audi styling guru Peter Schreyer led up the design team, with Chief Designer Tom Kearns also playing a major role in the design process.

The new design features a sculpture that portrays “dynamic muscularity” with the intent of provoking an emotional response.

The new 2014 Kia Forte is definitely sleeker, with a cab-forward style. The roofline is lower and coupe-like, while the doors have a concave look. Chrome window molding extends into the C-pillar to add a little touch of elegance.

While the C-pillar has been moved back, the A-pillar has been moved forward to add additional front and rear quarter panels.

The new look give the car a more spacious appearance, whilst also improving visibility in what used to be blind spots.

The Kia badge had been moved from the grille to a panel in front of the bonnet, which has been somewhat shortened. Around back, the trunk lid has been re-shaped to be more aerodynamic, as well as making the stance of the Cearto a little wider.

Kia Forte dimensions

The third generation Kia Forte/Cerato comes in 30mm longer, 15mm lower, and 5mm wider than the previous generation.

The wheelbase is also a little longer, with a 50 mm extension that makes it the longest in the C-segment, as well as being on a par with the Kia Sorento 2014 Model Year.

Each generation of the Forte 4-door sedan has been a little longer than the previous one. The second generation added 40mm to the original wheelbase length.

There have been some reductions made, with the front and rear overhangs being shaved by 15mm and 5mm respectively.

That lends the car a sportier look, whilst also adding about 6 liters of space in the trunk, which, at 421 liters, is the largest in class.

There is more to the new design of the remodeled Kia Forte than just aesthetics and larger dimensions, with each of the external changes also contributing to a better aerodynamic performance.


  1. Bassam MERHI says:

    i have a kia Piacanto mod. 2004
    i have 3 childs that they are big enouth to make sure and definetivly oriented to upgrade my car from the picanto to this new cerato.
    please any indication of the price and when the model wil be avaliable in my country lebanon. i was in a procedure to buy another c class car from nissan but now i will stop everything waiting for the cerato.
    waiting for your reply.
    best wishes.
    Bassam MERHI
    Beirut – Lebanon

  2. Martin says:

    Saw quite a few of these in Korea 2 weeks ago. They look fantastic in person! Can’t wait to see them back home in Australia.

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