2010 Kia Forte 4-Door Sedan review by JTZ


My name is Jamayl (Ja-mail) but many know me as JTZ. 

I recently traded in my 2004 Kia Optima for a 2010 Kia Forte and love every bit of it.  I find the Forte to be stylish, roomy, and have features I still have to get used too.

Even though this is my third Kia, the Forte is my first to actually have style.  It has a muscular look to it in the front, side and rear.  The style not only satisfies me but it draws reactions around others on the road as well.

For example, Kia owners on the road give me thumbs up or smile.  In fact, when I test drove this car, a black Kia Spectra was next to me full of four young adults. 

One of the guys in the back touched the driver on the shoulder to let him know that there was a Forte right next to him.

When he saw it, he first slowed down and gotten behind me so he could see the back.  Then, he drove next to me in the next lane. They all looked toward my car. And one of them rolled the window down and stuck his hand out cheering me on.

A few intersections later, the black Spectra had taken off with tremendous speed just after loud music was heard from the black car.

Also, there was one time I was making a left turn on a green light.  I drove up to the intersection so that I can have a guaranteed left turn regardless if the light turns red or not.  The car that was on the other side making their left turn was the last generation Scion XB.

The driver gave me an envious look.  I could imagine him seeing my Kia with the Audi like headlights, Kia’s new face and muscular look with the left turn signals from the headlight and on the mirror blinking on and off on and off giving off more attention.

He hurriedly made his left turn because he couldn’t stand to see what he saw; as a result, after my positive response from the guy with the Spectra and now this, I knew that I was not the only one that was turned on by the Forte’s attractions.  I smiled thinking to myself, Boy if this brings this much attention on the road, how will people react when they see Kia Forte Koups?

Not only is the attention I’m getting on the road the only reason why I like the Forte but the features also catch my eye.  I love the Blue Tooth, satellite radio and the MP3 Player. It has a trip computer to tell me how many miles I have until I’m out of gas, my average speed and much more the red lighting is very awesome too.

The red has me forgetting I’m driving a C segment sedan and has me thinking I’m driving something sporty.  Plus, the interior is very impressive to the others in SUVs or CUVs as well.  Since I got this new car, I can’t keep any SUVs behind me when driving lol. 

They can’t help that the red lighting captures their attention and can’t stand it; therefore, it makes them get in another lane and go faster so they can get away from me.

Anyway, the satellite radio is free for 90 days and I still have to figure that thing out.  There are so many stations on there and I love the Playboy Station (maybe I will pay for satellite radio after my 90 days are up) lol.

I already gotten the Blue Tooth to recognize my phone and my phone book was recorded from the cell phone to the car.  So all I have to do is say the name and she knows who I’m trying to contact. The Blue Tooth works well. I don’t have to raise my voice or talk clear for the woman to hear me.

Also, when I use the Blue Tooth, I noticed that the radio automatically shuts off so that the Blue Tooth will not have any distractions when she is doing her job.  The phone in the car works so good even my passenger was also able to communicate with the party on the other end of the line.  I still have to figure out the MP3 Player though.

The Forte’s size is incredible and it doesn’t feel as if I sacrificed volume from trading the 2004 Optima for this.  The trunk space is about the same size (if not bigger) as well as the leg room between this and my traded Optima, and I’m still just as comfortable driving or riding in this since I’m only 5’8″.

The size is perfect for me it’s not too big or too small. I shown this to one friend of mine’s and when I told him it was a compact sedan, he could not believe it. He told me it looked to be about the size of my Optima.

Finally, I think the Forte is very fun to drive.  If I’m at a red light, and I’m in the front and I’m next to another car, I often take the lead after the light turns green without much effort.  Plus, there was one time I was in the left turning lane at a red light.

The traffic light doesn’t have any arrows; consequently, after the light turns green, you have to wait until traffic on the other side passes before turning.  But my Forte made it before anyone knew what happened.

There is one entrance ramp that has very harsh turns just before getting on the freeway.  With my Optima, I had to go about 25mph just before I could get on the highway because the handling and acceleration just was not as good.

With the Forte, not only could I go through twist on the same ramp at a faster speed, but getting up to the highway speed was no problem and the car that was behind formed a gap so big that 15 to 20 cars could fit between me and that car.

With the Forte’s performance, style, roomy interior, and features I never had before, I know I can take better care of this than I did with my Optima starting with where to park at to avoid door dings.

Thanks for your Kia Forte review JTZ!


  1. Greg says:

    LOL, our 07 Optima has 25,555 miles. Mom wants a corsa blue SX Forte so bad, but she won’t give up her Infinity audio, auto climate control or power seats. Guess we just hope the next gen Optima is as striking as the Forte!

  2. Kyle says:

    I honestly think the Sedan looks better than the Koup… I don’t know, it’s just that sedan has more of a “stable” look especially in the back, while koup doesn’t look bad but just… too sharply styled?

    Does anybody else agree with me or am I going to be bear mauled now?

  3. Bryan says:

    Kyle-no, I like the Koup’s styling separate from the sedan. They both look awesome…the Koup is very muscular as well, I like that it’s leaner than the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. These Forte’s are awesome rigs.

  4. Greg says:

    Is there really anything that doesn’t look better than a Hyundai? – with the exception of the Genesis Coupe.

  5. Mideivon says:

    I must say I love the look of this car. I saw it first in the flesh last week. Always a fan of it, but thought it to be “Civic-esque” until then. TOTALLY different look. I love my SOUL so far, but wish I had waited for the Forte’s to arrive on the lots.

  6. HyundaiSmoke says:

    If you want Audi like headlights, get yourself an 8000K-10,000K HID KIT. They have then starting aa low as $25.00 on EBay Motors. They are durable and easy to install as well. I have a set on my Accent.

  7. HyundaiSmoke says:

    I want to see all Hyundais and KIAs with HID lamps. Lets force the company to make these lights standard. Buy some and get to work guys!!!!

    BTW, they add 1-3 MPG since they are using less power than standard halogens, and as an up and coming eco sport company like KIA and an Eco Luxury Company like Hyundai we should have these as standard.

    The Veloster and Green Baby Concepts are where the Accent and Elantra are going to go in terms of design Direction.

  8. Bornloser says:

    If you want Audi like headlights… Buy an Audi! Putting leds on the headlights afterwards makes you look like a Dum…s wannabee! (but that of course is completely my personal opninion, and it does not, in no way, necessarily reflect the opinion of anyone officially involved with Kia-World.net ….) 😉

  9. robertro2 says:

    seen it,drove it ,rides nice….but for my 2006.5 optima EXV6 fully loaded they will only give me $7k…this was not good…if they want to sell them ,they should do more for KIA owners….and it is smaller then the Optima…..good luck with your choice….

  10. Greg says:

    We have a 2007 Optima EX I4, full option, and they are willing to give us $11,000. Apparently the dealership you went to isn’t very generous.

  11. isellkia says:

    how many miles robertro2?

  12. Ozy Tone says:

    We in Australia are just getting on the market your equivanet of the Chevvy Cruze Sedan, mainly because of the drop off in the large sedan market. It will be called the Holden Cruze here. Now it will be in the same marketing position as the Forte/Cerato and it will also available with a diesel option. Now you guys in the US have had this vehicle for some years now and I wanted to know your thoughts on how the Cruze performs against the Forte. Of couse we only get the 2 liter version of the Cerato here. By perform, I mean size differnce, build quality and also performance and handling on the road. I really like the look of the Cruze, if anything I think it looks just a fraction better than the Forte.
    What do you think??

  13. Greg says:

    We don’t get the Cruze here until 2011 model year.

  14. Ozy Tone says:

    That word above was supposed to be “equivalent”, but since we can’t edit our mistakes you’re stuck with it.
    I have noticed also with the Cruze, it’s actually a rebadged Daewoo, so I’m not sure about build quality and I know for sure if it was marketed under the Daewoo banner it would sell a lot less the Kia’s do her at the moment. Under the GM (Holden) banner it will probably sell fairly well here in Oz.

  15. Ozy Tone says:

    Wow Greg, that surprises me, I had better do better reseach next time. I just “Googled” Chevvy Cruze and up it came, I didn’t check to see whether it had been released in the US yet or not, so I probably know a little more about it the yuo guys do. It’s getting a hammering on our local TV.

  16. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Bornloser , Iam talking about the Blue headlights that come standard on most Lexuses, Acuras, Audis, BMWs, Benzes, etc… When I said HIDs.
    -Now, LEDs are the Lights that the KIA Kee Concept car had in the grille, and what the Korean Spec Fortes have for their rear lights. I wonder if LEDs are going to be available in the US for Fortes as well.

    Pretty much a prerequisite for any Near Luxury or Luxury car maker like Hyundai claiming Premium status should have. The Genesis comes with HID, and every other car except for the Accent and Elantra has HIDs an an option, though next gen Accent and Elantra models will get HIDs according to the CEO. I think KIAs should sport some too, that would help to boost the image of the brand.

  17. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Or at least offer as options what Hyundai offers as Standard, but even with options the KIA should cost less than the Hyundai, for positionings sake.

  18. The Spectra still holds great value. Id buy used.

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