Spicy Red Kia Forte Koup EX With Dual Exhaust

Kia Koup custom alloys

Dear fellow Kia fans and enthusiasts! It’s Saturday, December 22., and the world hasn’t ended as many expected, so we can continue with the blog’s weekly »Kia owners« interview series.

Today, we are going to share another outstanding Kia car ownership experience. We have the honor of presenting you an extremely proud Kia Forte Koup owner.

The 28-years old Kris Lodza from Florida transformed his 2010 Forte Koup EX into an eye-catching ride featuring a plethora of exterior and interior styling enhancements.

Let’s not waste any more time talking and get right down to the interview!

1. Tell us something about your 2010 Forte Koup ownership experience?
I actually have no complaints or disappointments with my Kia. I have been very happy and proud to tell people that it is a Kia, and take pleasure in seeing their shocked responses.

To this day the car attracts attention, even from individuals with more expensive/luxury vehicles.  It gets its share of compliments and the, “What car is that?”, questions.

I enjoy driving it, hearing it, looking at it, owning it, etc  Overall I am just very pleased with my 2010 Kia Forte Koup.

2. How long have you owned your Forte Koup?
As of October of this year, I have proudly owned my Koup for two years, since I purchased it in 2010.

3. Honestly, what was your intention when you bought your Kia Forte?
Hmm, honestly, I didn’t expect much when I decided to visit a Kia dealership. Kia/Hyundai weren’t always known for their nice looking cars and their overall quality.

I just needed something economical while I went to school, so I actually went to look at the Kia Rio. At this particular time I had never heard of the new Kia Forte.

To my surprise, there happened to be a spicy red Forte Koup EX sitting in the lot, and it immediately caught my attention. I couldn’t believe that it was a Kia!

It didn’t take much convincing on the part of the salesman for me to take it home for the night and really contemplate its purchase.

4. What do you like the most about your ride?
I would have to say that its looks are its best attribute. Don’t get me wrong, Kia’s warranty is the best in the industry, and even if it did lack in quality, it could be replaced.

I did purchase a Kia after all, I didn’t expect Lexus quality. I have still been impressed by its current quality. Believe it or not it still gets just as much attention as a Lexus. It’s fun to drive and even its 2.0L is peppy.

5. What is it that makes your Koup look unique?
Well, its color for one.  The Koup is already a rare car, as I hardly see any, but the spicy red is even more scarce.  In the states the spicy red and copperhead orange were only released in its first year.

I have yet to see any other Koup like mine, as we all have different tastes and add our own unique twists to them. Each modification, regardless of how many others have done the same ones, are still different from Koup to Koup.

At one point I had an offset racing stripe on it, and a custome dual exhaust.  This one is unique because it is mine.

6. What accessories have you installed so far?
I purchased the base model Koup, the EX, so even though some of the accessories come factory on the top of the line SX model, they are modifications to mine.  I have added:

Exterior accessories: SX upper/lower grille, Billet grille insert, SX fog lights/covers and LED taillights, custom front lip splitters, R kit lip spoiler (available in Canada for the Koups) 3D K badge on the trunk, black fender stripes, black mirror covers color matched mud guards, black rear glass, roof spoiler and stubby antenna.

Other accessories: MGP caliper covers in black, slotted/drilled brake rotors, LED/halo projector headlights, switchback LED turn signals, 6K low beam HID’s and 8K fog light HID’s, side mirror switchback LED’s, LED license plate bulbs, ‘Koup’ interior door handle, cup holder, catch plate and LED’s metal racing pedals/footrest.

The list of mods also includes: Megan Racing cat-back exhaust, Megan Racing lowering springs, TurboKits cold air intake with AEM water bypass valve, OBX racing header, Road Race Motorsports lightweight pulley.

Spicy Red Forte Koup pictures


  1. I love the looks of your Kia Koup!! What are those headlights, btw? Where did you get them?

  2. David Covillon says:

    What size wheels and tires are you running. Your koup looks so sweet. What is the offset. Thanks. David. I have a racing red 2013 koup. Awesome job.

  3. Olivia Lynn says:

    Im with david! What size wheels and tires?

  4. charles says:

    What size are ur rims

  5. charles says:

    basically I want to know what I have to do to make my car set like yours and what type of rims are those? Thx

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