2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick-Up Truck Spy Pics

Hyundai pick-up truck spy shots

2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz spied for the first time; Kia pick-up truck to follow!

Courtesy of Autospy.net, we are bringing you the very-first spy photo of the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz pick-up truck!

Confirmed for production in late 2021, the prototype of the carmaker’s first-ever truck has been spotted heavily camouflaged while sitting in a parking garage somewhere in Seoul, South Korea.

Hyundai Motor America recently confirmed the plans to launch their first pick-up truck in the United States. We knew this would happen sooner or later, after obtaining a leaked document revealing details about the future product line-up from the South Korean carmakers trio; Hyundai, Genesis and Kia.

The document reveals the arrival of a “Ford-Ranger-rivaling” Kia truck, which will be launched in the States shortly after the Hyundai Santa Cruz arrival, set for 2021.

Upcoming Kia models

Hyundai Santa Cruz spy picture

Hyundai pick-up truck spy shot

The first-ever spy picture of the Hyundai Santa Cruz pick-up truck reveals a heavily-camouflaged vehicle with high ground clearance and extended rear end.

The vehicle appears to be of a compact size, which means this is indeed meant to be a rival to the Ford Ranger, rather than the bigger Ford F-150.

Some sources state that the upcoming Hyundai pick-up truck shares its underpinnings and powertrain with the new-generation Tucson crossover, while others claim that this vehicle will be based on the larger Santa Fe SUV.

There are not many details about the new pick-up truck available at this point, with exception to the official Hyundai press release revealing the release date and production location of the vehicle (Hyundai’s plant in Alabama, USA).

Facts we know about Hyundai pick-up truck

  • 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz release date: mid 2021
  • To be manufactured in USA
  • AWD will be available
  • Different design than the Santa Cruz concept
  • Kia pick-up truck variant coming in 2022

One thought on “2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick-Up Truck Spy Pics

  1. Jamayl Agomo says:

    Wow a literal Korean Pick Up!!!!!!!! This is going to be intresting. Two reasons, 1st it’s a pickup from Hyundai and 2nd who knows if or when Kia will bring a pick up too.

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