8 Kia Niro Exterior Accessories Worth Buying


There are few things more exciting that taking possession of a new car, but we would suggest that customizing it and making it truly your own may be even better.

This Kia hybrid crossover is one of the hottest new vehicles on the market, and one that is truly ready for customization.

We have put together a Kia Niro accessory guide that should help give you some ideas of what you can do to make your new vehicle even better.

This list of Kia Niro accessories are all items for the exterior of the vehicle. If you’re looking for interior accessories for Kia Niro, check the blog post here.

1. License plate frame with Niro logo

The chrome license plate frame is incredibly stylish, and adds a little touch of class to an already great looking vehicle. You can choose to have the Niro logo on the upper or lower part of the frame.

2. Splash guards

Available for the front and back of the Niro crossover, the splash guards help prevent chips and scratches that can come when road debris comes into contact with the exterior paint.

3. Hood protector

Another great way to protect your paint job is with a custom fitted hood protector. One of the best features of this protector is that it is clear, so it will not clash with your existing exterior paint color.

4. Spare tire kit

You never know when a flat is going to hit, so you should always be prepared. This kit includes a spare tire, steel wheel, jack, tool kit, & tool organizer, and is made to fit the Kia Niro.

5. Wheel locks

If you are looking to securely attach your wheels to the Niro in style, then custom chrome wheel locks are the way to go. The great-looking locks are available for both, the 16- and 18-inch tire options.

6. Roof rack cross bars

Here is your chance to add even more storage space on the roof of your Niro. The cross bars look great, and are able to hold up to 209 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

7. Roof cargo basket attachment

If you need your interior space for passengers, but also have a lot of cargo, this stylish attachment can help. The spacious unit will hold a lot of individual cargo pieces.

8. Roof bike attachment

If you are an outdoor adventurer, chances are you will want your bike with you wherever you go. This roof bike attachment makes it easy to conveniently carry your bicycle with you at all times.

Additional accessories available

This is by no means a complete list of Kia Niro accessory parts, but we believe it’s a good way to start the customization of your Kia vehicle.

Now that you know some of the Niro exterior accessories on the market, we will turn out attention to the inside. So, be on the lookout for that blog post, as we believe we have found some very cool accessories that will seriously spice up the cabin of your Kia Niro hybrid.

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