2022 Kia Niro Ground Clearance – Is It Car Or SUV?

What is the ground clearance of Kia Niro?

What’s the ground clearance of Kia Niro hybrid / PHEV / EV models?

One thing that you immediately notice about the Kia Niro is that the ground clearance is a little bit different compared to other vehicles.

A closer look at the specs reveals that the 2022 Kia Niro ground clearance stands at 6.3 inches.

If you know anything about Kia cars, you will already know that this clearance is more than a regular car, such as the Forte sedan, but a little less than vehicles like the Kia Sportage SUV.

Kia Niro hybrid ground clearance

  • Niro hybrid ground clearance: 6.3 in.
  • Niro EV ground clearance: 6.1 in.

Car or SUV?

All of that aside, the thing to consider with the Niro is that it has higher ground clearance than normal cars, which makes us wonder if it’s a car or an SUV.

The reality is that it’s neither, as the Niro hybrid falls into the crossover category.

What that means is that it’s a blend of both worlds. It has the great handling of a car, whilst also having the higher seating position and ground clearance of an SUV.

With the addition of the Niro to the compact crossover category, Kia now has two vehicles in there, with the Soul being the other.

Kia calls the Niro a HUV, which stands for hybrid utility vehicle. The name also fits since the Niro is a hybrid model, with a plug-in hybrid and all-electric models available as well.

No matter the tag attached to the vehicle, the ground clearance of the Kia Niro gives it an edge over other regular vehicles. The fact that it’s also a hybrid or all electric model makes a unique value proposition.


  1. Denis says:

    its not a suv, it is cuv like the Kia Rondo/Carens!

  2. Denis says:

    Rondo/Carens is 150,9 mm/5,9 inches ground clearence!

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