Kia Optima 2012 trim options, price, mpg, engine, transmission information


The 2012 Kia Optima 4-door sedan goes on sale with superior combination of performance, technology and long list of convenience features!

Every automaker has one car that seems to lead the way and ends up being the flagship vehicle that defines the image and message that the maker is trying to get across with their entire line-up.

For Kia Motors America, many would argue that the Optima mid-size sedan has gone a long way towards becoming that vehicle, and with its incredible performance in the midsize market, it’s certainly the one that stands out among all the other cars in that category.

The new Kia Optima wowed critics and consumers alike, picking up awards and shattering sales records in the process.

It would have been easy for Kia to leave well enough alone for the 2012 version, but their approach to improving design, performance and fuel efficiency has led to the popular Optima mid-size sedan receiving some improvements that are sure to continue the trend set with the previous model.

The additions have been included to provide an even more luxurious feel to a vehicle that is already far more than one would expect from a car that comes in under $20,000.

Note: If you need more information about the popular Kia sedan and its current development, you can find latest news about Kia Optima here.

2012 Kia Optima trim levels: LX, SX, EX

Many of the upgrades come in the form of technological advances, which may vary depending on whether the customer opts for the LX, EX or SX model.

Standard across all Kia Optima 2012 models is the eight-speaker Infinity audio system, which far exceeds most factory issued sound systems, and if you want to take the entertainment to the next level, then opting for the EX, regular and turbo, and SX will mean having access to the super cool voice-activated UVO infotainment system.

A stylish fascia finish has been added to all models, with the EX receiving metal bezel finishes, as well as LED tail lights.

The exterior continues the focus that Kia has put on a sleek, modern design, and that is visible in the fact that the Optima has an aggressive looking front and a muscular stance, yet is still able to exude a beauty that make it stand out in a crowd.

The standard model comes with a number of great features that you would expect to find on higher models of most cars.

A dual exhaust with chrome tips, solar glass, outside mirror turn signal indicators, front fog lights, outside heated mirrors are just a few of the standard features you will find on the LX, and as you would expect, those add-ons become even more glamorous on the EX and SX models.

As you would expect from Kia, fuel efficiency is excellent on all models of the 2012 Optima ranging from 22/34 mpg to 24/35 mpg, depending on engine and transmission.

The engines come in both 2.0L and 2.4L formats and can produce up to 274 horsepower, which is quite a kick for a midsize.

As you can see, the 2012 Kia Optima looks to be a worthy entry into an already impressive history, and will more than likely help propel Kia to even greater sales success.


  1. Greg says:

    The redesigned seats are awesome, and the “new car small” is now just like the Sorento’s.

  2. Mike says:

    I just bought a 2012 Optima EX Turbo with all the bells and whistles took it out on the highway for the first time and the wind noise is terrible and get worse with speed. Now whats worse is took it to two dealerships to have it checked out and both places agree that the wind noise is there but they cant do anything because it is normal on all Optimas so they say its alright. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

  3. ZE KUN OH says:

    Really looking forward to the Kia Optima launching in the UK in Januray 2012.1.7 diesel engine should be very economical.

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